We offer you a new complete and advantageous pack for ultra light conditions with the HIPE Cruzader Strapped!


We have put together the dream gear in one pack to ensure stress-free sessions whatever the forecast! Thanks to our revolutionary inflatable board in light conditions, takeoffs in less than 10 knots have become a formality.

Takeoffs are ensured by combining it with the powerful and maneuverable Droid which frees you from water in two pumping strokes.

Under the HIPE Cruzader Strapped, this pack offers you a Curve set-up, which is both lifty, responsive and fast for linking curves in surfing, working on transitions in freeride and gliding forever in freefly.



This pack with an inflatable board, ideal for traveling light, includes:

  • An inflatable HIPE Cruzader Strapped board in the size of your choice.
  • A GONG Droid Perf Series wing from 4m.
  • A Curve XL or XXL front wing.
  • A Curve 43 or 46 stab.
  • An 85cm Alu V2 mast, the reference size for wing foiling.
  • An aluminum Pro fuselage, a top plate and its SCS connection system.
  • A compartmented carry bag to transport the entire pack.
  • A multi-nozzle double action pump to inflate the board and the wing.
  • A backpack to carry the wing separately to the spot.
  • A transport bag to store and transport the disassembled foil separately.
  • The necessary screw kit.
  • A repair kit for the wing and the board.

A pack to be the first to fly on water and on which you save over 400€!

Wing foilers: Hina, team rider GONG, with the HIPE Cruzader and Droid Perf Series, and Arihi with a Cruzader FSP Pro.


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