A range of solid and comfortable Leashes.


Our range of Leashes offers a wide choice for riding in all conditions. Our product team has thought of everything to offer you a solid top-of-the-range Leash, at a price defying all competition thanks to our online Direct Sales System.

Technical details:

– A 3D silicone print on the inside of the strap for less slippage on the ankle.

– Top quality BASF cord for confident surfing.

– Double swivel to avoid tangling up on the legs, as well as a more instinctive security system to release the Leash.

– A practical pocket to store a key.

The Leash ranges

The COMP Ankle and Knee range: 6mm diameter Leashes, available in 5′, 6′ and 9′. The speed gain is clear with this thin diameter which generates less drag. Ideal in small waves on a performance program! Do not use in powerful waves.

The PERF Ankle and Knee range: 7mm diameter Leashes, available in 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, and 10′. This is THE Leash for everyday and growing waves. Forget Jaws but it’s strong and fast enough.

The COILED Ankle range: 6mm diameter Leashes, available in 5’5 and 10′. For Wing and SUP riding.

Retrouvez ces leash GONG sur notre shop en ligne.

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his leash GONG.

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