If you’re planning a trip to an exotic location there’s something you should absolutely fit into your luggage : a spare bladder.


Two reasons for this. First because an unfortunate contact of your wing with your stab or a heavy shorebreak can ruin your surf trip by exploding your leading edge. That’s life. Secondly, though sailmakers are in general quite easily found near windy spots, bladders, which are very specific items, are almost impossible to find on the road. We therefore recommend having a spare bladder with you for a quick fix of your wing.


Wing foiler : Mathieu, GONG team rider, with the HIPE Pro, Neutra and a Fluid Foil.


We offer complete bladders with the valve of the One Pump system, the leading edge inflation valve or central batten deflation valve and cap. To replace your bladder, you can follow the detailed step by step How To on replacing the bladder of the central batten or the leading edge.

True to our position on prices, these bladders are offered at their fair price. We don’t overcharge at the expense of your bad luck in navigation or other! The durability of any product depends on its repairability as well as on the price for its repair. Our position is clear ?

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