While on the continent this week, our team rider David Rodal Santiago aka Vilayta took the opportunity to pay us a little visit before heading home with a brand new SUP quiver! 😉


David discovers his new gun with L’Ours.


David did not leave the GONG Factory with any quiver in his boardbags. These Made In La France customs are specially shaped to meet the demands of a big wave charger. L’Ours has shaped 3 different boards to cover the best conditions encountered by David on his archipelago.



The shape, speed and energy of the waves surfed by David are in the XL range. It goes without saying that confidence in your equipment is essential to fully commit in these conditions. A relationship of trust must be established between the shaper and the surfer. Listening to each other and mutual respect led to the production of a quiver that David said he was eager to put in the water when discovering it. Which is pretty rad, ‘cause we’re eager to see him attack the next big swell ;).

Discover or rediscover all the subtleties of the shapes of this quiver unveiled by L’Ours in the shaping room: The SUP quiver of a big wave charger!


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