GONG withstands fluctuations in transport costs with only a marginal evolution of your transport fees!


Despite the pressure on prices, our policy regarding your transport fees for the delivery of GONG gear is invariably geared towards the most efficient, affordable and transparent solutions.

We have managed to keep your delivery costs unchanged over the past 3 years, despite spectacular price increases over this period of time. GONG’s strength is to keep control of its logistics, namely within the GONG Space Center, which has allowed us to invest in the optimizing of our packaging processes. We have for instance worked on sending ultra-compact packages in tailor-made packaging in order to better control transport costs. These continuous work on our processes have allowed us for 3 years to absorb the price fluctuations invoiced by our partners in charge of the delivery of your orders. The assurance of benefiting from the best delivery solution is an additional service that GONG provides to its customers.


A direct and transparent relationship

Unlike many e-merchants, shipping costs are not “hidden” in our prices, on the one hand to allow our customers to pay the right price and on the other hand not to disadvantage our customers who come to buy an article directly to the GONG Space Center.

Transport costs, particularly the fuel surcharge, having tripled over the last couple of years, an update of your transport fees for your orders had to finally come into force during the course of this month. This is a marginal increase for the destinations most commonly served by our partner carriers.

We deliver all over the world and at the best prices, to have access to high-end gear wherever you are, you can always count on us!

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