The Chips are our most accessible boards. Easy, well thought out and well built, they are dressed in a new design and completed with a new model dedicated to cruising! Discover our bestseller which has made SUP accessible to as many people as possible in its pack format which includes everything you need at a great price!



Simplicity is the key word of the Chip range. Easy to learn, easy in the waves, easy to maneuver, easy to inflate and store… Its role is to simplify your life and focus only on having a good time.

Four versatile shapes

The 8’0, 9’0, 10’0 and 11’0 Chips are very versatile. For beginners, on a ride or in the waves, it’s the shape that does everything right. Very soft, light and stable, the Chips give you a smile. A round tail, a bit of width in front of the feet, a thin and raised nose, this is the ideal shape to do everything easily. Coupled with the techno of the Chip, the performances are surprising!


Two Cruising shapes

This new model is the best in terms of ease and paddling. Its great length lets it glide over the water to go the distance without getting tired. With its nose a little wider than its competitors, its stability is exemplary for excellent paddling comfort. The Chip Cruising is available in 11’6 and 12’6 depending on your build. This model allows all rides to be considered serenely; from a small family outing to a big expedition with supplies loaded under its bungee cords.


A complete offer

The Chip isn’t just a quality SUP board at a great price, it’s a complete pack at a great price! 😉 This pack, which fits in a backpack, includes all the accessories you need to get in the water right away:

  • an adjustable paddle in 3 parts
  • a leash
  • a double action pump
  • a large carrying bag
  • a repair kit.

These accessories are completed by a complete equipment of your SUP board: a central padded carrying handle, 1 pad of 5 mm Diamond Grooving on the deck, 1 Mini Square Grooving tail pad, 1 stainless steel towing ring under the nose, 1 valve high-pressure inflation system and a deck bungee cord for transporting a waterproof bag for example.



The performance of the Chip is based on its rigid and robust technology. It is light, strong and durable at the same time. This is not a supermarket board that will only last for the summer. Our philosophy is to produce extremely resistant and repairable boards. We are very far from low cost boards which turn into a banana shape once you climb on them or which deflate. GONG boards are all top of the range because we are the world specialists in this sport. It is out of the question for us to deliver low-end products. Our Chips are simply cheaper because they are simpler in design and purchased in very large quantities.

A must have for all lovers of cruising, family afternoons on the beach, beautiful hikes, gliding in the waves, or simply as a means of transport to join a boat.

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