The foil that you use when you are starting out in surf, kite or wing foiling will not necessarily be the one that will be under your board during your second season. As your level changes, your quiver will inevitably change too. However, one thing to remember is that a size L remains a size L. This is how the range of our foils has been developed, as L’Ours recently explained on our forum.


Surf foiler: Mathieu, GONG Staff with the Lance FSP 2X 5’0 equipped with the 65 cm Alu V2 Mast and the X-Over Foil.


Replacing, for example, a Curve Front Wing with a Fluid in order to have a front wing with more glide, speed and responsiveness is therefore done size for size because it would otherwise no longer be in the same range of use. Certainly the Fluid offers less lift but it largely compensates for its lower lift by more speed, and therefore lift.
Remember, speed is the key to lift, so the faster you go, the more lift you gain. The Fluid only requires a little more technique to begin with. If you usually surf or sail on a Curve L-T, a Fluid L-T should be chosen for say a simple replacement. A different size would be justified to increase your range of use, down or up.

The sizes of the range are designed so that you can change the type of front wings without asking yourself too many questions. We ask them to ourselves beforehand when developing the range 😉 However, if you need to change or complete your quiver for very specific reasons, please do not hesitate to contact us or consult the community on our forum.

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