Images of a lightwind session with the HIPE 5’3 by François, our ambassador who still cannot believe that he has become totally addicted to wing foiling. 😉 



“A little over a year ago, I didn’t believe in this sport … yeah blah…
Since then, I can’t stop thinking of it because it’s a special ride and because it’s the result of a multitude of already proven sports.

Freeride, Surf, Freestyle, Freerace, everything is possible, and possible without even worrying if there is room to mount the gear and if the wind is steady enough on the shoreline… So nice !! Flying back to the peak super fast, without noise and with the wing in neutral in the surfs. This is the holy grail and it’s within reach! The waves pass under the foil and it’s happiness.

“Here, in lightwind, it’s also magic!”

Flat water, nobody, the sun heats the wetsuit and the gusts of 11 knots allow me to take off with this HIPE 110L, the XLT, the VELOCE 47 and the 5m NEUTRA.

A little cardio and technique and I’m flying, nothing very difficult, no jumps (I do not practice them… yet), just gliding, endlessly, to the rhythm of the small gusts and the little chops to help in transitions…
Waouuuuuh it’s so much fun!!! I love it !!

Thanks to Flo for the drone shots, it’s really cool as a nice souvenir.
And we ramble on one after the other, but yes, thank you to the GONG team and to the chef Patrice Guénolé for allowing us to taste his dishes, so tasty and delectable and with a more than satisfactory pricing.”


Wing Foiler: François, ambassador GONG with SUP HIPE 5’3, the WING NEUTRA 5m² and the FOIL VELOCE FULL CARBON

Gear of the sesh


499,00699,00 499,00699,00


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