Adjust the character and performance of your surfboard with different fins! The sensations you get from your board do not depend solely on its shape and construction. Your rear foot is in direct relation with the fins which support the qualities of your board (speed, maneuverability, grip, …). An informed choice of fins can boost these qualities!



Equipping themselves with new fins is often a revelation for those who take the time to take an interest in the matter. Talking about surfing is talking about hydro-dynamism and the position of the fins is at the heart of all the flows. The different fin settings therefore have a fundamental influence on the overall behavior of your board.

These different parameters are numerous. The qualities of a fin depend on its flex, surface, profile, depth, base, rake (curvature behind the fin) and cant (degree of outward angle). The handling in high speed curves or the pivot point on a top turn depends largely on the fins. You can also choose your fin set according to conditions such as small fins which increase speed in small conditions. The choice of fins is also a question of style. For example, you can go for fins that favor tail releases.


Surfer: Camille, GONG team rider on the Chemical PU.


The performance of your fins also depends on their technology. Fiber fins offer better dynamism because they are more rigid. This quality is particularly appreciated in hollow waves and high speed maneuvers. The speed gain is significant with this type of fins. When you gain speed in maneuvering, fins of a more flexible construction provide a less precise feeling, more floaty, which ultimately results in a loss of speed. Be careful, once you opt for quality fins there’s no turning back! 😉

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