GONG was the first Board manufacturer in the world to ban plastic from our Board packaging


As surfers and ocean enthusiasts, we have always been sensitive to this issue. We ship thousands of Boards around the world every year. It was important for us to find a simple and efficient solution for our packaging, and to ban plastic for good, while improving the strength of the packaging.


Working with Flexi-Hex was the solution for several reasons:

The reduction of our environmental impact

By banning plastic from Board packaging, we have significantly reduced our waste production. We use eco-sourced and fully recyclable cardboard.

Reduction of packaging time

Before banning plastic, it took 15 minutes to pack a Board. With Flexi-Hex, it only takes 5 minutes to get it ready for shipment. But we know that the price you pay is for the time you dedicate to finance this purchase. By reducing the price, but not the quality, we reduce the amount of pollution you generate on a daily basis to pay for your equipment. You save money, we save money and the planet is better off.

Our packaging is reusable

You can keep them to resell your second-hand Board, to protect your Board when you travel, and to eventually return your Board in case of after-sales service or transport damage. A packaging that lasts, is a packaging that pollutes less.

An increased resistance

Cardboard is surprisingly strong. The sleeves are designed to protect each part of your Board, the rails, the top and bottom, as well as the nose and tail. Flexi-Hex is based on the principle of modern bodywork that absorbs impact by deforming to protect the contents. Simple and clever when you know that GONG has gone from 15% transport damage to 2% in 10 years, while having multiplied its sales by 25.

Flexi-Hex was founded in 2017 by the brothers Sam and Will Boex. It was their passion for surfing that led them to think about how to remove those tons of plastic to protect their Boards during their surf trips. They started from the realization that the ubiquitous use of plastic in packaging, both in the industry and in our daily lives, is an ecological catastrophe for the planet, especially for our oceans.

In the space of 2 years, the Boex brothers have managed to distribute their packaging all over the world in about 15 countries. GONG has once again been a pioneer.

We are aware that surfing is not neutral for the environment, on the contrary. So every step towards a greener industrialization is a battle won and we are proud to have achieved this result, even if it costs us a lot more. Today, packing a board costs us around 35€, including the Flexi-Hex packaging and the cardboard box. Flexi-Hex is six times more expensive than plastic packaging. That’s a lot compared to a board selling for 299€, but it’s nothing compared to the satisfaction it brings us in our daily work.

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