If you’re looking for a SUP Shortboard, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what you can find in our shop to quench your thirst for radical surfing.


Each Board has its own character. First of all it is important to identify your desires, then the ideal Board will be easy to find because our range is wide and very precise.


This Karmen is the Board for those who don’t want any hassles. This Board can do everything and works in all conditions. A Pro to a near beginner will find serious pleasure when surfing this Board.

This range of SUP Karmen FSP 2X is declined in 8 sizes (from 6’10 to 9’10), to satisfy all sizes, but also to allow almost beginner SUPers, looking for a Shortboard feeling, to get a taste of this shape.

Indeed, with larger body sizes, a beginner will find a soft and progressive Board that will accompany him in his progression. These Boards remain accessible thanks to the bullet nose when placed in the water, provides excellent stability. This round nose doesn’t make mistakes when paddling in at the take-off and doesn’t push the Board off to the side when it bites too deep. Real advantages when you’re just starting out. Neither wide nor narrow, it is accessible to the oar and fast. No need to be a world champion to stand on it.

Moritz, Team rider GONG, on his 6’10 Karmen FSP 2X.


For an experienced SUPer, this Board is perfect. Intended for radical curves: Rollers, top turns, slashes, powerful cut backs, air and punchy waves, this Board turns very short and on demand.
The Bullet nose and the hull in single concave (under the paddle position) then double concave (between the feet in surf position) ending in a V shape (under the back foot), were the 2 main axes of development.
The shape of the nose allows the useful volume to slide towards the center by reducing the volume of the extremities (nose and tail). This new distribution of the useful volume results in a more fluid surf with less inertia at the ends. The stability is better than with a nose point, so you can choose the right volume without fearing repeated falls as soon as the water becomes agitated and choppy, and tear it up 😉

This board is available in 2 technos: FSP 2X and FSP PRO.

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The Fatal is the explosive Board ‘par excellence’ that will allow the most talented SUPers to perform the most incredible moves. Fast, instinctive, full of pop, 100% surf, The Fatal is ideal in hollow but not very fast waves, with little wall and shoulder.

Clearly, this is not the board we’ll offer if you are a beginner. It’s a board that you only be looking at after a few years of SUP, the time to acquire a good paddle technique and to be at ease for mastering the 3D balance: lateral plus FWD/RAW.

Simon, stockman at GONG, on his Fatal PRO 2019.


However, for the experimented and energitic SUPers, this is a “must have”. Its  program is to perform from 0 to 100, being as agile as possible and accelerating instantly after a turn pushed. As it’s hyper stable for its size and dynamism, this board excels in shore breaks, the unpredictable waves, that needs to be triggered at quarter of a second. Its extreme reactivity makes it a magic Board in these very frequent conditions. And with no problems with the oar, it’s twice as stable as an Alley for example.

With the Fatal you have no hesitation. The most critical situations are handled with confidence. Tap the lip late and then pull back down, swing a big air, wedge yourself in deep… The Fatal’s reduced size reassures and pushes you to engage full on.

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The Alley is certainly the last frontier with surfing in the SUP world. The main axis of development is the reduction of the width in order to benefit from a maximum natural speed and to find the feeling of a very narrow Board more than ever typified “surfing”.

In short, the Alley FSP PRO is for SUPers looking for a Board with pure drive and really hardcore. This is the type of Board you look for after a few years of SUP riding, because the “3D” balance (lateral and more front and rear) will be difficult to manage for a beginner.

Moritz, Team rider GONG, hit the lip with his Alley PRO 2019.


His round tail gives him the freedom to go for any serious turn, from the wisest to the craziest.
Its ”teardrop” outline gives it maximum manoeuvrability. You can reduce the length of the rail at will by turning on a smaller portion of the curvature of its outline. It will then be able to aim for the vertical and turn on a dime.

The Alley remains a demanding Board in the 3 small sizes, but more accessible in the larger sizes so that everyone can experience the ultimate shortboard feeling.

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A load-bearing and compact shape full of dynamism and boost. The Mob is all about acceleration to go from 0 to 100 in a few meters in soft waves, while keeping an amazing stability for a Board of this size.


This Board is designed for two types of SUPers:

– Those looking for maximum performance in Longboard waves, without the need for a Longboard. In this case, you will need a minimum of technique and be sporty to take it without excess volume to move it with energy thanks to the speed that this Mob is able to generate in small conditions.

– Those who want to surf cool in soft waves. This Mob is perfect for SUPERS looking for a Board that will perform well in these conditions, without having to go through a longboard. This Board can do it all and doesn’t require a high technical level to have fun. Its big advantage is that its stability in rowing and surfing allows SUPers who want to surf a shorter Board to go through the course without any big difficulty.

An essential Board in a Quiver, super fun to ride in small conditions, and equipped with a solid and very dynamic FSP 2X technology, boosting its performance even in the smallest conditions. Its compactness also makes it easier to stowaway in the car.

This board is available in 2 technos: FSP 2X and FSP PRO.

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Here’s something to satisfy all your surfing desires with this range of Boards. These high performance ShortSUPs offer good speed and fast acceleration to take it all down in the waves.

Shaper: Patrice Guénolé and his SUP shortboard GONG  range.

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