Before putting your brand new Board in the water, you have to put your Leash on, mount the Straps and adjust them. The rest (setting up your Foil) will be done at the beach.


To mount your Straps:

  • Put your Board on a firm support where it won’t fall down (on its board bag, on the sofa…).
  • Count the number of straps and screws. You need 2 screws plus washers per strap, so 6 for your three straps.


  • Slide the washers into the straps under each Neoprene protection.
  • Put a screw in each washer and in the central hole of the 3 holes on each side of each strap.
  • If you are a beginner, screw into the center hole of the five holes of each insert. For asymmetrical straps, mount the widest part of the big toe.
  • When screwing in, screw it all the way in!!! Don’t break the screw heads, don’t screw them up either, so press the tool very hard. Hint: If the strap can turn or twist after screwing it on, it is not screwed on enough. A strap should never be able to move.


  • Adjust the opening of the strap. The correct setting: The strap is on the beginning of the instep, and the base of the big toe is barely visible vertically. Too tight: your toes are in but not in control. Too open: Your foot goes in too deep and may get stuck. For straps that can be adjusted with screws, unscrew and readjust if necessary.
  • To mount your Leash, tie a tight knot on the small rope delivered with your Leash to form a loop. Pass it through the plug. You have a loop on each side of the plug’s bar in which you will pass the leash’s Rail Saver. Don’t wrap the Leash around or it will keep its shape and will keep going in your feet.
  • Put the Board in a nice board bag.

You are ready to go to the beach. You will have to set up your Foil on the spot, in the middle of the boxes.


Key points:

  • Choosing sometimes means trying different solutions.
  • Always give priority to safety.


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  1. Merci, c’est très intéressant pour le débutant que je suis.

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