At GONG we only make high quality Boards. Our low prices can only be explained by our choice of exclusive direct distribution.

We offer you 3 different technos for our Wing Boards:

The FSP PRO. This innovative technology allows us to offer you Boards with a striking dynamism, with the added bonus of an incomparable solidity, while keeping a light weight. The dynamism of the Carbon allows your Board to return to its initial shape in record time, and therefore amplifies its pop, its reactivity and your sensations. Compared to Fiberglass, Carbon is four times more dynamic. Two high-perfection shapes are available : the Lemon and the Flint, at a price of 899€.

The FSP 2X. Lightweight and super-strong technology. This techno is already a Best-Seller because it offers the most advantages at a very reasonable price. Two models to choose from : the Zuma, the best Board for beginners and advanced Wing riding, priced at 799€, and the Mob 2Taste, the most versatile Board par excellence: SUP, Foil and Wing, priced at 899€.

The WOOD 2X gives you access to extremely reliable technology at an unbeatable price. An entry-level product in our offer, which doesn’t shy away from the top of the market rivals. The two main advantages are the price, 599€, and its solidity. Only one shape is equipped with this techno, the Zuma. A perfect Board for those who want to start Winging with a concrete Board but have a constrained budget.

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Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his wing boards.

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