The Matata is our ultra compact surf foil shape for those who want to foil in tiny waves as they would on a traditional surfboard on powerful waves. Its load-bearing and dynamic shape offers everything you need to have fun in the most marginal conditions!


Surfer: Malo, team rider GONG in Matata FSP Pro 3’11.


Inspired by the Matata surf, our shape dedicated to soft waves, the Matata foil maximizes mediocre conditions. In these sessions, what matters is not having a large board to drop from a distance, as you often take off on a foam; but it’s about pumping as efficiently as possible to connect as many waves as possible and add up the moves per take off.



With its tiny size ranging from 3’11 to 4’11, the Matata has no inertia in front of your foot. It’s really a micro board with volume. You pump in direct connection with the foil, almost as if the board does not exist.

Using such a short board is super fun. The handling is just amazing. And if you add the straps to it, you enter a crazy world. Paddling lying on the straps is not very comfortable, but once you get used to it, your feet will find them instinctively: you foil with total control and therefore maximum commitment!

Discover this model in FSP Pro sandwich construction or in EPS construction at a great price!


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