Choose the size of your mast according to your level of progress.


GONG offers different mast sizes for Surf/SUP foil, from 45cm to 70cm. Generally speaking, we recommend a short mast for beginners and a long mast for more experienced surfers.

Aluminium Masts

Perfect to start and to progress, it is also the most economical option to start the Foil. An Aluminium Mast will require more maintenance, but the Allvator Foil is completely dismountable, so it is easy to store, transport and maintain. Aluminium is also very strong and is not afraid of shocks.

Carbon Masts

Choosing a Carbon Mast offers several advantages. The first objective is to obtain more rigidity bringing more dynamism and precision.

As Carbon is a light material, the weight of the Mast is reduced, making it easier to transport. The Mast / Fuselage / Top Plate assembly also reduces the possible play between these different parts.


The 45 cm Mast is ideal for beginners, it allows you to take your first waves serenely, as a short Mast is more stable, balance is easier as your centre of gravity is also lower.

But quickly, as soon as the first stable flights are mastered, it is better to switch to a longer Mast which will offer more tolerance and limit errors.

This is clearly a short term investment, but it will allow you to start without being afraid, and you can keep it if you wish to help your friends start, and when they ask you to test your foil.

The 65 cm Mast is the reference size in surfing and SUP Foil. High enough to pump efficiently, you’ll also have more tolerance again,st unwanted touchdowns.

The 70 cm one-piece Carbon Mast. The 70cm length gives you that extra something that makes the difference in curves and pumping in surfing. Without penalizing the take off in small waves with an endless draft that grazes the bottom.

This complete range allows you to gain height, whatever your level of practice or your program.

Find all these masts on the online shop.

Advisor : Patrice Guénolé and GONG-GALAXY.

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