The ultimate Noserider for small waves.

Ideal in smaller summer conditions, this classic Longboard is your invite to toes on the nose.
Its flat deck and tighter lines favour cross stepping up to the nose. This Boards offers all the inertia needed to offer you all the moves with speed and fluidity, from the take-off to the kick out.

Surf on this magnificent Retro Shaope that’s dedicated to Noseriding, sweet turns and pure style.

This Board is offered up in Pack form with a bag, Tail Pad and a Leash, for only 565€ instead of 640,90€.

Find this board on the online shop.

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his pack GONG Surf 10’0 Incredible Ten WCKF.

longboard surfing

longboard noseriding

Gear of the sesh

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