In our Freerace category you’ll find wings for pure speed, high performance racing or simply to challenge yourself at your spot!


Our wing range includes 5 models that we’ve classified by program: allround, surf-freestyle, freerace and lightwind. Does flying full tilt thrill you more than anything else on the water? Then the freerace category is made for you.


Wingfoilers: Melissa and Fabien, GONG staff, with the Pulse Boom, Superpower Boom and HIPE Cruzader.

What is a freerace wing?

A freerace wing is essentially a wing whose shape encourages acceleration, stability and speed on every point of sail. In our range, the SuperPower Boom, Pulse Boom and Pulse DP UPE Aramid cover this program, each with its own specific features:

  • The SuperPower Boom is the wing to comfortably fly full tilt in light conditions or irregular winds, and a must on inland waters with wind shadows. It allows you to easily maintain flight in lighter winds without having to pump and to go upwind effortlessly. Its key strengths are its torque, which is transmitted effortlessly to the foil, and its stability, thanks in particular to the GONG boom, which makes it very comfortable to ride and very precise whatever the point of sail. Its Low Drag System tips limit drag to improve your top speed. The Superpower is the ultimate reference for lightning fast take offs and flap-free flights.
  • The Pulse Boom is the wing that allows you to sail at your best, whatever your point of sail. Its shape has been designed as a real racing wing, with a deep draft and dynamic twisting of the tips, making it very comfortable at high speeds and in gusty winds. The complete stability of its profile means you can push hard and gain knot after knot in top speed. The profile’s shape and morph have been designed to allow the wing to breathe. The gain when going upwind is incredible. Bearing off, the profile accepts a lot of speed wind and continues to pull forward.
  • The Pulse DP UPE Aramid is the wing to break speed records and battle for the lead in races. Its shape is based on a unique concept of a wide, double-skinned luff, similar to what we know from race sails in windsurfing or aeronautics. This translates to an optimized air flow for an unstoppable glide. This means that you feel constant acceleration, with the impression that you can always demand more from the wing. Going upwind is spectacular. Its construction in UPE Aramid, which is lighter and more rigid than UPE, gives it unparalleled performance on the market.


Wingfoiler: Julien, GONG team rider, with a Pulse DP UPE Aramid


Who is it for?

A freerace wing is designed for those with a passion for all aspects of sailing. Be it optimizing the slightest gust of wind, going full speed on all points and challenging all the flying or gliding objects on the spot. If this is in your nature, freerace wings are made for you. Choose a Superpower Boom for light or irregular wind conditions, a Pulse Boom for freeride/freerace versatility and a Pulse DP UPE Aramid to set speed records and top performances.


Wingfoiler: Hina, GONG team rider, with the Pulse from the Perf Series range and Mint FSP 2X.

What are the qualities of a freerace wing?

Lightness is a guarantee of efficiency and comfort in freerace. It is therefore a priority on our freerace wings, thanks in particular to the GONG boom, which is 200g lighter than basic rigid handles.

In addition to this, the GONG boom, which stiffens the wing, makes it possible to develop a central strut with a reduced ‘wasp-waist’ diameter to limit drag and gain in speed. This is the other essential quality of a freerace wing, speed and the ability to accelerate quickly. Their profile is designed to glide through the air as smoothly as possible. The drag that pulls you back is the enemy. So thanks to an optimized air flow, these wings pull you forward for continuous acceleration.

To maintain your average speed and gain extra knots in top speed, you need a stable, comfortable wing that can cope with variations in wind and points of sail. The draft of this type of wing is perfectly set, with an assembly of exemplary rigidity and dynamic tip twisting to manage gusts.

With this type of wing, you have invaluable power to take off in light wind with the Superpower, for example, and very present at high speed with the Pulse. We always have something in reserve with these wings. It’s up to you to make the difference at the wheel.

A well-designed freerace wing stands out for:

  • its lightness
  • its speed
  • its stability
  • its power


Which handle systems on a freerace wing ?

The GONG boom is the exclusive handle system on our freerace wings, 200g lighter than a pair of rigid handles and incredibly comfortable to ride. It stiffens the structure of your wing and improves its overall behavior. The flex of the strut is close to zero, thanks to the carbon boom that absorbs the effort. And a strut that doesn’t bend means a trailing edge that stays in tension, so a powerful wing that never flaps and glides perfectly. Also, the “wasp waist’” of the strut at this critical point for the efficiency of your wing reduces drag and improves your speed. Finally, the comfort when maneuvering and tacking with a GONG boom is indisputable.


Wingfoiler: Patrice, GONG Boss and Shaper, with a SuperPower Boom and an HIPE Pro.

With or without a wing harness?

The use of a harness is recommended on the Superpower Boom and Pulse Boom to maintain the same level of sailing comfort over long sessions, especially if you like to sail overpowered.

With the Pulse DP UPE Aramid, a harness is a must if you want to go upwind properly, sit back and relax your arms on long, high-speed runs! The Pulse DP pulls very hard, and lifts you much more than a single-skin wing. So you can really sit back and relax in the harness.

In fact, a ‘real’ harness is recommended for long overpowered sessions. The Pulse pulls really hard all the time.

Our freerace wings are all equipped with a boom so it is easy to adjust your harness lines to find your sweet spot.


Wingfoiler: Julien, GONG team rider, with a Pulse DP Aramid, Cruzader Diamond FSP Pro and GONG Powerlight Harness.

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