This year, New shapes have been added to the GONG range.


As every year, GONG brings something new to its already wide range of Surfboards. In 2020, 4 new shapes, the Atomic, the Evolt, the Fork and the Devil’s Tongue, have made their debuts.

Malo, Team rider GONG, on his Atomic PU.

Atomic PU

The Shortboard tailored for hollow and fast waves.

Time to get serious things. You have underfoot a Board for stalling in big barrels and laying down heavy carving.

Its Shape is an invitation to score the most beautiful waves of your life.

The hull is the key element is its pinched outline, it is the concave at the back foot under the tail that creates the character of this Board. We have the hold and drive in excess, enough to sit deep in the “green room” and get out cleanly to connect beautiful curves after.
Its thin nose provides excellent maneuverability, and its tail provides an immediate projection off the first impulse, allowing to drop under the lip with confidence. It also helps to maintain the speed to pass through the sections.

As you can see, this Surfboard is reserved for experienced surfers and pros seeking more than ever a good dose of adrenaline and performance to quench their thirst for endless tubes and beautiful drawn out and powerful carving.

Available in PU, 4 sizes (5’6, 5’10, 6’2 and 6’5), at the crazy price of only € 299.

Find this Atomic on the online shop.

Manea, Team Rider GONG, with a front row seat on his Atomic.

Evolt PU/EPS

The Evolt is the jacked up version of the Chemical to perform in Competition.

All its Shape has been designed to offer incredible perfs in “small conditions”. Direct descendant of the Chemical which excels already in this discipline, the Evolt has a bit more width with the lateral Fins and the tail boosting its agility and its acceleration, two essential criteria for throwing down sick moves.

To accentuate even more its radical side, the work on the hull offer a very fast rail-to-rail thanks to the very pronounced concave under the front foot and then double concave in front of the lateral, to finish in a marked V at the back foot. This heavily marked V gives an optimum water outlet to put a max of spray after each manoeuvre

The Shortboard Evolt is offered in 2 technos. PU for a bit more inertia and a more powerful drive; and the super lightweight EPS for extreme agility and aerials. Available in 7 sizes (5’4, 5’7, 5’10, 6’0, 6’3, 6’6 and 6’10) at an unbeatable price of €299.

Find this Evolt on the online shop.

Camille, Team Rider GONG, levitating on her Evolt.

Fork EPS

Whether it is to go up to the peak or the take-off, what surprises you immediately is its rowing speed for its size. Its round nose provides lift and its low rocker lets the Board skim over the water well. You row comfortably without getting into the overworked.

In surfing, once you’re on the water, it’s party time. You immediately realize that its entire shape has been designed to perform well in small conditions. The wide, reactive and dynamic swallow tail allows you to push harder in acceleration phases and in curves. The speed is insane and close out sections are done in the blink of an eye.

This Fork comes with a quad mount, offering a superior grip to a classic twin and facilitating the distribution of the supports. Note that on this shape, the placement of the Fins is more advanced than on a classic Quad, which allows to keep a very good handling and an excellent pivot for a Board in Quad.
For the hull, there is a single concave under the front foot, a double concave in the Fin section, and a V-shaped end to facilitate the transition from one rail to the other.

You will have understood it, this Fork is a real performance Shortboard mixed with a classic Fish for amazing efficiency in these kind of conditions. Available in 6 sizes (5’2, 5’6, 5’10, 6’1, 6’5 & 6’9), in a light and dynamic EPS techno, at the price of 299€.

Find this shortboard on the online shop.

Nico, Tech Advisor at GONG, lays down a cut-back on his Fork EPS


Devil’s Tongue WCKF

This Devil’s Tongue makes its entry into the WCKF Board line up. The modern-egg is the Board that will allow you to progress when Shortboarding. For more seasoned surfers, this Devil’s Tongue will be great fun to surf in light summer conditions.

For those looking to boost their surfing skills, this Devil’s Tongue is perfect. Its modern-egg shape offers all the ingredients of an ‘easy to ride’ Board: surface, early take off, magical acceleration, it’s the shape to progress without the hassle of a big Board.

Slim, elegant with its round point nose, the Devil’s Tongue gives you just the right amount of ease without degrading the performance you need. His nose wears but doesn’t catch on turns. Its tail is peachy but fits perfectly in the curves, passing smoothly from one rail to another with its V at the back foot.

An experienced surfer will also find it a good tool to have fun in the small conditions often encountered in the middle of summer. This Board accelerates to a quarter turn allowing to store a maximum of speed, which is the key to send a maximum of moves, while remaining very easy to handle, especially thanks to its large diamond cut which offers an excellent tilt from one rail to another.

Available in 3 sizes (5’11, 6’4 & 6’8), at the price of 349€.

Find this shortboard on the online shop.

Nico, tech advisor at GONG, on his Devil’sTongue.


Shaper: Patrice Guénolé and his GONG Surf Atomic, Evolt, Fork and Devil’s Tongue.

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