The Shape has become THE reference in our range for its versatility.

Whether Surfing or Freestyle, this Fatal FSP mixes these two worlds perfectly with great fluidity and impressive stability, even at high speeds.

In Surfing, its hyper-agile pinched tail bat allows you to tighten your curves to the maximum. The Trifin mounting offers an absolutely magical rail to rail. And even with the Board at 90° to the water, you can still get into the nastiest curves. It glides very early, and you have a maximum of boost thanks to its nose support. In Freestyle, it offers a good surface for your tricks and its pop is simply incredible.

Available in 2 sizes (5’0 & 5’4), in a very solid and dynamic techno FSP, at the price of 449€.

Find this kiteboard on the online shop.

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his GONG Kiteboard Fatal FSP.

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