This Kite Bar is all about safety and comfort.


The GONG Kite Bar is assembled in France and its components are produced in the best Kite factories in the world so we use the highest quality materials. We are looking for performance of course but we also want endurance and therefore proven parts.

One of the main focus of the development of this Bar has been safety. We therefore use the AKA2 release which is approved by the AFNOR NF S-52 503 standard. The quick release is very simple to release and rearm, including at sea of course.

The Chicken Loop is of small diameter, to avoid unhooking. It is mounted with semi-rigid rotating rubber that allows the Chicken Loop to be securely locked in the harness hook or, on the contrary, to be set aside for unhooking without being obstructed. The manual release of the Chicken Loop allows you to limit the turns in the front by releasing it from time to time to have an optimum release in case of a problem.


The 40cm trim to manage the residual power of the Kite is simple and effective: a cleat with a Dyneema return on a stainless steel ring, finished with an ergonomic handle for a good grip: simple, solid, light and ultra functional.

Our number 2 focus was on dynamism: a light Bar with very stiff lines in Dutch Dyneema, DHPS 425kg quality, with very low aspect ratio (0.1%). Sewn in France. The shock and trim lines are made of real Dutch Dyneema (braided in Spain), with a resistance of 1800kg and a much lower elongation than the Chinese Dyneema clones. Your Kite is much more lively !!!

Very stiff lines in Dutch Dyneema.


To ensure total comfort when riding, the Bar tube is small in diameter and has a moulded grip. The soft EVA tiller tips are comfortable for the hands, and prevent damage in case of collision with the Board and make it float.

This Bar is available in 2 sizes: 49cm for 299€, and 69cm for 339€.

Find these bars on the online shop.

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his GONG Kite Barres.

Gear of the sesh

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