An inflatable Stand Up Paddle board at the forefront of development in the inflatable SUP world :
– Drop Stitch Technology, Double Layered Welded. You have under foot a rigid and solid board.
– 20% less in weight gained in comparison to the traditional double layer (no glue between the 2 welded PVC layers).
– 30% rigidity gained in comparison to standard technology.
– Shock Absorbers, Double Layered, Multi Stitched throughout the Rails.
– Antiflex Technology for enhanced dynamics.

This Stand Up Paddle Board is the result of several years of experience, with consideration to the SUPer and conceiver. We practice SUP not here Boards daily, which allows us to produce high quality Boards, and have the ability to guide you in your future investment.

Find these inflatable SUP on the online shop.

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his GONG SUP inflatable Couine Marie.

Stand Up Paddle gonflable

Gear of the sesh

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  1. Bonjour Je souhaite commander la planche couine marie 12.6 Pouvez vous me donner quelques précisions sur : Je fais 185cm et 90 kg Débutant paddle , mais gros skieur et ancien véliplanchiste co
    Read morenfirme régate et saut Ancien enseignant EPS presque en retraite Sportif confirme Es ce que cette planche me convient ? La commande comprend bien le pack? Merci pour votre réponse Très cordialement Patrice
    1. Bonjour Patrice, envoie directement un mail à l’équipe commerciale pour avoir des conseils s’il te plait : Merci

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