A pure SUP Shortboard for scoring in a maximum of conditions.

This is the Board for those who want to produce aggressive surfing while keeping good paddling comfort.

Rowing makes you feel confident. Its round nose (bullet nose) brings stability and a lot of comfort, especially when the water is agitated. It sits well on the water and its rowing speed is just great when you have to move around a lot during sessions where the peak is constantly changing.

In surfing, this is where the magic of this shape is revealed. This is a SUP Board for radical manoeuvres and committed surfing. Once again its bullet nose is a real advantage. Its shape has allowed to slide the useful volume towards the center by reducing the volume of the extremities (nose and tail). This new volume distribution results in a smoother ride with less inertia at the tips. You gain in stability, which allows you to choose the right volume without fear of repeated falls.
The hull is concave for gathering and channeling the maximum amount of water, then double concave to channel it between the Fins and ensure a perfect grip in curves, then V-shaped to release it behind the Fins. This strongly accentuates the pivot point in the Fin area, in addition to increasing speed and stability.

This Karmen PRO, with its top of the range Full Carbon technology for maximum responsiveness and light weight, is a must have for SUPERS looking for a radical Board, yet comfortable enough to ride in a wide range of conditions.

This Board is immediately available in 5 sizes (7’3, 7’8, 7’11, 8’4 and 8’9), with 15% discount, starting at 759€ instead of 899€.

Find these boards on the online shop.

Shaper : Patrice Guénolé and his GONG SUP Karmen PRO 2019.

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