Feedback from Clément who tells us about his experience with the stab kite 40 that he rode in wing and surf foil.


“Little feedback on the stab kite 40 tested once in wing and once in surf foil with the monobloc V2 70cm and the Curve LT. Previously, I used the stab surf 40.

“In wing, it does not whistle any more!”

And that’s a big plus for me,’cause I’m used to the silence of windsurf foils. It slips a lot more too, the LT is freed, faster, more manoeuvrable and more responsive.

“In surfing, it’s a revolution!”

No more rocket take-offs, it only takes off after doing a good ollie. It glides a lot more and it helps not to be late in the real waves.

The way of turning is different: in surfing language, I find that the foil is more forward foot and especially less locked in the curves. It requires less pressure from the rear foot to put the foil back to flat, especially at the top turn or at the exit of wave to go pumping. And there is a huge difference. I am rather new to pumping and connections, sometimes having trouble throwing myself forward. With this stab, no problem! 5 connections in one half an hour!

In short, top! Can’t wait to pair it with a faster front wing for wing foiling.”


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