Little feedback from Basco on our forum about the 3-parts 100% carbon paddle he just equipped himself with.

“Hello everyone,
Here’s my modest feedback on the use of the three-part carbon paddle.

The first thing is of course the price, as always with GONG. Totally crushing other brands. Then we receive the package and check it out. The paddle looks great and aesthetics are important in watersports. Even before putting it all together, the impression of rigidity is present.

Assembly is easy and precise.

There is no play once all the parts are put together. The rail on the upper part greatly contributes to this impression of rigidity.

I tested it with my rigid Mob FSP Pro 9’2 (which I love) after adjusting the paddle to the perfect height. It has great qualities when paddling. The height setting does not move at all (you just need to close the ring properly). The mouvements with the paddle are really pleasant. Really nice on a cool cruise with my lady (and her Couine Marie Longboard 10’), or when accelerating high in cardio, nothing moves.

So I really dig this paddle. Beyond the compact aspect of the three parts it’s really powerful. So I ordered another blue and yellow one to match my Couine Marie ShortSUP 9’5 ;).

Have a good ride everyone! ”.

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