Pascal received his new Wing Foil Board, a 4’10 Lemon FSP PRO. He shares with us his feelings after his first session:

“Hello everybody,

A few words about my experience with the Lemon in 4’10/28/85L.
I hesitated for a long time on this Board because of the size (I ‘ve ridden, since September, a 5’8/24/80L) competition Board, I really didn’t know what was waiting for me on the water (170cm/64 Kgs).

I’ll pass on the unboxing, many have already mentioned it, the weight at the top (400 g less than my 5’8/Lemon weighed without the straps at 5,310Kgs), the harmony of the lines of the Shape despite it being atypical, the prettier side  that my wife liked and the general quality of it as a whole.

Arrival on the beach, I meet a friend, good Wing foiler who tells me that the day before he has struggled with the same style of Board from another Brand.

There I start to sweat in my suit, but it’s not the time to go back. 15/18 knots gusts, I leave in 4.2 m2, under judgmental eyes and ready for the criticism of friends. The water is not  a total mess but agitated.
The bottom is deep enough to turn the Foil over, leaning on the Board, I get on my knees, and there, big surprise, no parasitic movement forward/backward or right/left. Reassured, I grasp the Wing, which was clean.
I climb the front leg, the foot is wedged directly between the holes of the strap (which I did not put  on for this first nav), 2 kite pumps and it’s off, there I have a thought for my buddy on the beach that see me take off without any problems at the first try.

Then follows a top session with a very pleasant Board under the feet, really well balanced and super playful, with which you get to accelerate well so easy in the maneuvers compared to my previous one.
Qualities to be confirmed on more agitated water, I have time to train until then. And of course straps test.
So the 70 ls underneath seems to me more so inaccessible … to follow.
I would have liked to make some criticisms… another time maybe.

Congratulations to all for this Board…and for the rest.
Sporting salutations.


Wing Foiler: Pascal and his GONG SUP Lemon FSP PRO.

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