“The more I use it, the more I like it this Front Wing L PRO, even under conditions like knee size / thighs maxi….
What speed !!😍😍, and I’m starting to get the hang of the the pace for pumping, very fast as soon as you push hard on your front leg hard to catch sections between bumps for example.
I’m surprised at its versatility despite my size, and finally I’m starting to think that it might become my favorite wing with the technique that’s still improving…like…small adjustments to pump well with this type of wing with almost 600cm2 still less than the XL PRO.

We were 3 on the spot to own this L Pro, 3 different sizes, 64, 75, 86kg and the sensations are great for us 3.
Of course, pumping is more efficient for the 64kg one…one less hindering block on your back…”

Foiler : François and his GONG Foil Allvator Front Wing PRO L.

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