The Fluid is halfway between a very fast Veloce and a Curve dedicated to curves. The sensations are therefore particularly intense in the waves, as Bruno explains to us after a few sessions with the Fluid L mounted under his wing board.

“I am in my 5th session with the V2 85 cm aluminum mast combo, Fluid L and Stab Veloce 43 on a HIPE 5’3 V1 (which I have been using for a full year now, it’s my only board, extraordinary resistance).

In the light

At the first test the wind was blowing at 10 to 13 knots on a spot with waves (most of the time closer to 10…), and 18-20 at another spot but without waves… tough choice… But not that much considering that I chose the Fluid for wave riding.

No one in the water, I’m going in! My Neutra 5m allows me to take off with my 74 kg much easier than I expected, to my surprise. Indeed, I have to pump barely more to take off than with my Curve LT which is (was) my favorite foil. I went directly offshore, the wind is better established there, and during the first jibe on a wave, it hit me ! In every sense of the word since I fell into the water ! I was so surprised by the speed and the grip, just incredible. The Fluid remains in the angle that I give it, throughout the maneuver, I have the impression of being on a rail, or in a crazy turn from which you come out full throttle. Really impressive!
I’m already happy with my new purchase, and at this point I haven’t tried it in the waves yet… In this regard, it turns out to be more playful than the LT. The Fluid is more unstable in roll, but that’s precisely what makes its reactivity, I love it. Admittedly, the waves are small, so I had to get closer to the reef to surf 80 cm, and here again the difference is felt. In addition, a friend joins me (on a Lemon 4’8 I think, Curve LT) and I stay on the wave much longer than him. On the other hand, the low range is reduced, but hardly because the pumping is more efficient.

In conclusion after this first light wind sesh, the FLuid L requires a little more speed and pumping than the Curve LT, it is more unstable laterally which can be a disadvantage for some, but is an asset for its program. The low range is okay, although a little less than the LT. Regarding the speed I did not notice any difference because the conditions did not allow for speed runs, and especially because I can only rely on my feelings not being equipped with a GPS. But the most remarkable is its hold in the curves, quite simply stunning.

In the waves

Fortunately, 3 weeks ago I was able to test it in 15-20 knots with my buddy. And there I was able to compare its speed, because my friend was overtaken faster than usual, so one more point for the Fluid. Later I tested it in the waves. The 15-18 knot wind was perfect for this first session for too long, the waves too, a good 2m in the sets. And it is by surfing these waves which peel off really well that the potential of this wing is completely revealed: a speed never reached in waves, a clear stability (also due to the aluminum V2 mast that I have been using recently). In short my best session!
Since I stopped funboarding and kiting I had never had such sensations on this spot, hearing and seeing the wave breaking just behind me, being almost caught by the foam, waow, great.

Conclusion of the behavior of the Fluid L in waves, downright top, much better than my Curve L and LT. Many thanks to GONG, really, for allowing me to have so much fun.”

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