Here’s an overview of all the front wings that make up our range!


To experience the incredible sensations that foiling has to offer, we developed a wide range of front wings that meet the expectations of all, from beginners to the most advanced foilers.

In this article we show you how to easily identify the front wing that will allow you to have fun on the water!


Wing foiler: Pamella, GONG team rider, with a set-up made of the Ypra-S front wing, a Fluid H stab, a Pro Alu fuselage and an HM85 mast.

7 models on offer:

The 7 models that make up our range of front wings are designed for specific uses. To select your front wing, you just need to identify the use you primarily wish to make of it: learning, surfing, freestyle, race, downwinders, dock start, tow-in, etc.

Here’s how to understand the range in one glance:

Short descriptions:

  • Learning and progression > X-Over

The X-Over will be your very first front wing. To one to learn how to take off with, to stabilize the flight and make your first maneuvers. The great strength of this front wing is its versatility over time. Perfect for your first flights, its gliding and tolerance qualities will allow you to go very far in your progression without having to change your equipment. Read more.

The Curve is the wing that takes you to a new dimension after your beginnings. It has a very surfy feel. Its shape is an invitation to perform turns: a moderate aspect ratio, a tolerant profile ++, a very curved outline and a pronounced camber. Read more.

The Fluid is the super smooth and reactive moderate aspect front wing of the range. Its oval shape allows the most radical intentions. Ideal for tight turns, for snapping, drifting, going for top turns, airs, and having a crazy pop. Read more.

The Veloce is the front wing that will allow you to evolve at high speeds during your sessions. Ideal for long and fast turns, committed surfing and fast swells. The Veloce also has great pop and allows you to launch sky high on the slightest kicker. Read more.

  • Upwind and downwind courses in Race > Ypra

The Ypra is the ultimate Race wing. It flies at crazy speeds on all sailing courses. This is the wing to set record breaking speeds. Read more.

The Ypra-S is a wing that is both extremely fast and extremely agile. Its glide is sensational. A high performance wing that is also very versatile thanks to a perfectly balanced-out shape. A versatility illustrated by World Champion titles in Surf-Freestyle, Surf-Slalom, Freefly-Slalom and Big Air for our team riders. Read More.

  • Pumping and Light wind > Sirus

The Sirus is a front wing that allows you to pump foil infinitely, to take off in no air in wing foiling and to surf super tiny waves in SUP foiling. Its extreme dimensions are unprecedented for performances that are just as extreme. Read more.

Evolution and uses

The uses described above are naturally not exclusive, a front wing like the Ypra-S is for example very versatile and will be perfect for seasoned foilers who want an ultra-fast and responsive front wing both freestyle and waves. This classification simply allows you to orient yourself at a glance within the range.

In addition, your feelings depend on the evolution of your level on the water. It is essential to choose your front wing according to your level without skipping steps. When in doubt, favor accessibility over radicality, simply because the most radical actions are carried out on equipment over which you have perfect control. The diagram below gives you an idea of the accessibility of each wing in the range.



Wing foiler: Malo, GONG team rider, with a Veloce foil set-up.

The specs of our front wings:

If you wish to go further in the analysis of the front wings of the range, you will find all their specs below and their influences explained on this page.



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