Our available positions to be filled now.

GONG, leader of online water sports sales, is recruiting new employees.

Why is GONG recruiting ?

GONG-GALAXY doubles its turnover every year, and therefore its workforce. We have thus gone from 6 employees to 75 in five years.

This growth will accelerate even further, since approaching 20 million euros, we will be 100 internal employees in a few months. At this stage, we estimate that we will be a tenth of our size at maturity.

Who is GONG?

GONG has been a French Surfboard Manufacturer since 1996, whose shareholding is 100% owned by its Shaper.
Innovators and groundbreakers, we became the Pioneers of Stand Up Paddle, Kite, Foil, and Wing.
Innovation in all facets of our business, we were the first brand to be distributed 100% Direct Sales. No network, no intermediary, no additional margins. We sell from the Shaper directly to the User by dividing the acquisition costs by 2 and often much more. This requires a thorough overhaul of the business, possible through a complete digitization of all stages.
Today our audience is global via our online shop. Real logisticians, we provide a quality service on a large scale.

Our Goal: re-focus the chain of production and the principles of commerce on what really matters to the customer.

What differentiates us:

  • A 100% Direct Distribution that naturally lowers prices so that a greater number scan hare our passions.
  • Innovative products designed and tested around the world to provide the best possible experience.
  • A desire to develop our sports through an enlightened community.
  • The direct relationship between designer and users backed by a fierce desire to deconstruct outrageous marketing schemes and business practices.
  • An open and relaxed mindset, but remaining true to values and skills.


An open and relaxed mindset, but remaining true to values ​​and skills.

Sharing is an essential value at GONG.
We share what we know, what we love, what we live. Everything is done to immerse you in our experience.

Performance is our only goal. For the elite, of course, but above all, we want performance for everyone. Because in the end it is not the material that we want to perform: it is our customers who must achieve the highest level of satisfaction.

Preserving our environment is a priority. Our business is polluting but we were the first Brand to mass-use plastic-free packaging for our Boards. We live in nature and off nature, so preserve it as much as possible.

We place great importance on the human, and the respect of others both in the business and internally. For example, we ask never to criticize our competitors on our Social Media.

Passion is the driving force behind this whole process. We spend a lot of energy to fulfill all these objectives but we have a lot of fun working at GONG!

Who are we looking for?

You must have a strong Surf Culture: it’s the basis for entering GONG.

We need serious and brilliant profiles, capable of being the engines of our development. At GONG, everything is going very fast. We are looking for effective candidates quickly and who love the action, because here you’ll be moving fast and progress is non-stop.
We want to work with people who are cultivated, modern, open to training, responsive to change, sensitive to innovation, having an appetite for quality and things that are well done, and fun.

In summary, at each position we seek the perfect balance of business skills, the glide culture, and the desire to be realize your potential.
If you are looking for a laidback job, to live and bask in the coolness of surf, it will not be at GONG 😉

Do you want to prove yourself in a growing French e-commerce business?
Send us your application.

  • You will join a young and dynamic team, benefiting from a great expertise of their profession, and at the service of the customers.
  • You will live in a beautiful region, on the border between Brittany and Vendée.

GONG is more than a job, it is: a family, a culture and a passion.

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