After many years in Tarifa, Spain, I wanted to come back to France and work in the field that has been my focus for many years: board sports. I’m a former high-level sportswoman in windsurfing and an instructor in kitesurfing, kite foiling and windsurfing. I scanned the ads on the web to find a job opportunity in this field. My friend who has known GONG for a long time spotted a vacancy for a permanent position to which I quickly applied. I was pleasantly surprised that a major company accepted a girl in this world. Which is very rare these days ?

We only have one life to multiply experiences so I jumped on this opportunity. I am now part of the sales division where I advise clients throughout Europe and beyond. The challenge is to offer equipment adapted to their level and their desires. This mission implies being competent in all areas and knowing the equipment inside out. That’s why we also spend a lot of time on the water. It allows you to improve but also to test all the equipment we have in store.

In addition to the sessions that are good times with colleagues that motivate us, the typical day is spent at the office, dealing with emails, but also in the shop, to advise and discuss directly with customers. A job in which you learn every day, with a friendly atmosphere where good teamwork is our force.


I joined GONG following a spontaneous application. I was offered to strengthen the product division that I joined almost a year ago. I participate in the development of prototypes, the monitoring of production and I ensure a permanent watch on quality. And I also participate to the sessions where my work now has merged with my passion for water sports.

Working full time in my passion made me fear an overdose of board sports but it is quite the opposite that happened. This immersion reinforced my passion for board sports I practiced before joining GONG and I developed an interest in new practices such as kitesurfing.

On a daily basis, the missions and challenges of the product department are a great source of motivation. The challenges to be met are varied and no day is like another. I have an engineer profile and I love tinkering whatever the field. The continuous search for technical solutions is therefore particularly rewarding for me.

The atmosphere in the office is really nice, we are far from the austere atmosphere that an office can have… Even if everyone is very professional, it is still a surf company! ?


Before coming to GONG, I worked in a renowned web agency based in Montpellier, in the city with 300 days of sunshine a year. We worked for major accounts, including some CAC 40 companies. Rewarding assignments and large budgets that allowed me to manage “large-scale” projects.

However, something essential was missing in what I was doing on a daily basis: I was not in my universe. Admittedly, this is a somewhat utopian vision of the world of work, but I wanted to work in a field that suited me.

So I applied to GONG, with both the apprehension of leaving everything: family, friends, habits, comfort… and the desire to face a new professional and personal challenge.

The decision was not easy because, moving 950km away to a region that we don’t know and where we don’t know anyone, generates its share of doubts… especially since I knew that I would be alone there for a few months, until my son finishes his school year and joins me with my partner. In short, before committing myself definitively, I had a few restless nights: the level of doubts was skyhigh!

Since joining GONG, I have absolutely no regrets about my choice: the missions entrusted to me are extremely challenging and their prospects for improvement seem endless to me. It’s very motivating!

I quickly got my bearings and now officiate in an active environment: I’m never bored, no monotony and that’s also what I was looking for. The collaboration with the other members of the team happened naturally: it’s very pleasant to work in a fast-growing company where there are still many performance prospects, everyone is involved, looking for solutions , everyone wants to help build a great GONG project. Much has been done in previous years and there is still much to do in the coming years. The company has grown a lot in recent months and the general attitude of the team allows us to assume this rate of hyper growth. The company is also going digital, which also helps us to be more efficient on a daily basis. Our ambitions are great but I am convinced that we will achieve them!

On the surfing side, I’m in the water 3X more than before and I was able to get into WING and SURF FOILING. The equipment made available makes it easy to access a multitude of practices, even on days when the conditions are not “optimal” (thanks to foiling). Sessions during the lunch break with colleagues or after work are a real plus. I have a large smile in the water and therefore inevitably a great mood when I return to the office.

On the family side, with a few months of hindsight, I am also very happy because the living environment that I can now offer my son is great: living by the ocean is a luxury that a lot only dream of ! And when I have the blues “del Pais”, I go to Nantes which has a direct flight to Montpellier via low-cost companies.”



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