We are primarily designers. This is the cornerstone of our business. Each GONG product is imagined, developed and tested by our team. It is a dense work whose process is extremely enriching and whose results are extremely gratifying, in particular due to the many feedbacks that we receive thanks to our direct relationship with our customers.

Developing a prototype is a job that requires the pooling of many skills. Our teams are made up of a shaper, designers, engineers, ergonomists who all are advanced riders and experts at what they do.



It is a very real strike force that allows us to quickly implement our ideas, which will delight the ever-increasing number of customers who recognize our, and perhaps tomorrow your, know-how.


Working at GONG is like winning a Willy Wonka ticket to the chocolate factory! You can test all the products and freely choose the gear that makes up your quiver. A real childhood dream that allows to cover all the diversity of our conditions thanks to our super wide range.

It is also an opportunity to try out board sports that are still unknown to you or to discover niche products in a board sport that you already master. In the end, the quiver made available to you is a real source of development for your surfing culture which will benefit you personally and professionally at GONG.

quiver team



By working at GONG the number of your sessions is likely to increase considerably! Quite simply because the schedules are flexible depending on the conditions and we are ideally placed to enjoy quality conditions on a very regular basis.

If the sessions are encouraged, it is not only to perfect the knowledge of our products. It is also because they bring an essential balance to our personal and professional well-being. We are very demanding in our businesses to balance taking advantage of the conditions when they are there.

The sessions are not necessarily limited to your free time. Depending on your level, sessions are also organized during the hours for prototype tests and shootings of our various product ranges. Our trips are also open to the most experienced staff riders for the various shootings that we organize.



equipe passionnée

You don’t achieve much by working on your own. To accomplish great things, you need to surround yourself with competent and enthusiastic people. Collaborating with people who have chosen to make a living out of their passion necessarily places you in a stimulating environment. The desire to excel in our field solidifies skills and strengthens interactions.

Surfing culture is essential, but that’s not all. We cultivate an open and relaxed state of mind associated with fundamental values. Despite our growth, we remain a family-type business where sharing and conviviality have their place. This is also the case outside of work hours and sessions with colleagues are naturally the most direct expression of this.



Whatever your position at GONG, you must bring or develop your skills. We want to work with collaborators who bring us things, who teach us things, who boost things. Being a specialist in your job, whatever it is, is of the utmost importance to us. We want passionate people, that is to say people who invest in their hobbies to make a job out of it, and who are also passionate about the operational aspect of their professional activity. Both go hand in hand.