Our professions


At GONG, the workshop is an endless source of experience and know-how. Countless boards pass through the hands of our shaper, stratification and 5-star finish professionals every year. Evolving in this environment is a continuous training that develops skills that no school can teach. It is the ideal division for profiles who are eager to learn with a (very) solid technical background and skilled hands.

The workshop is also a space of expression where we play with the designs, technologies or shapes of our flagship models through our Made In La France creations. These are real collector’s items that come out of our workshop for custom board enthusiasts.


If we have become a real driving force in the watersports market, it’s because we don’t rely on our bestsellers. Innovation is our leitmotif, again and again. Our Product division is a laboratory of ideas that has the human and technical resources to quickly implement the solutions of tomorrow. Whether it is the perfecting of a shape, the improvement of an accessory or the optimization of a production process, the Product division is constantly working on each detail.

The GONG references are numerous, as are the technologies that support them. Mastering them all within a team requires bringing together a lot of skills. The profiles that make up the Product division are, among others, engineers, product ergonomists, composite technicians, 3D designers, product designers, sailmaker managers who all have a very specialized surfing culture. Beyond their technical training, they are above all curious and crafty people capable of transforming an idea into a lasting product of pure pleasure for epic sessions!


Our vision of the direct sales model is not that of a model where customer service and support become secondary concerns. It is exactly the opposite. It is a total support, from the visit on our website to the delivery of the order and beyond. The means that we implement in order to guide each visitor at each stage meet the expectations of the enthusiasts who trust us. You don’t buy a surfboard or a wing like you would buy a t-shirt. The guidance must be flawless so that the sensations are there on the water!

This support consists of technical advisers, a customer support service and an after-sales service who are experts in our products, not only because unlike a reseller, they work at the source of the information, but also because they are all frequent users of our products.

It is a work based on listening and experience that leads to the proposal of appropriate and effective solutions. The interlocutors of the customer service division know the value of a good session, so everything is implemented so that you can live your passion as it should be.


Like the Customer Service division, the Communication division contributes to maintaining the direct relationship that we have with the users of our products, but also with all board sports enthusiasts. We communicate on everything we do and on everything that can be useful to all practitioners. We strive tirelessly to do so by publishing daily news in our magazine. In doing so we have become an infinitely rich source of information for board sports enthusiasts looking for How To’s, technical advice, feedback on products or just dreamy pics.

If this work has become a reference, it is because our Communication division spares no effort to produce cutting-edge content with quality visuals. These visuals are provided by professional photographers, graphic designers, videographers and editors who work full time at GONG.

The communication media that we favor are those that allow real interaction such as social networks and our forum because the user of our products is placed at the center. We provide answers to everything that comes up through the Customer Service division, our ambassadors or directly from social networks. We repeat it often, sharing and transparency are essential values ​​at GONG. This is the whole philosophy of our communication.


Our online shop is a world-class e-commerce platform with a flow of several thousand visitors per day and more than 2000 references listed online. Its priority is to guide you as best as possible during your visit. Because this user experience is essential, our Web division is exclusively made up of web and e-commerce experts.

Our website is also our main showcase. It is therefore necessary to take care of the presentation. The layout of our products with their illustrations and exhaustive descriptions requires the intervention of graphic designers, web developers and our photo studio.

Finally, the Web division ensures the security of transactions and the proper coordination of our e-commerce platform with the logistics division which manages stocks and order processing. Their mission is to reduce the time between the click of your order and your session on this new gear.



We handle the daily arrival of containers of goods that we typically store for little to no time before shipping to over 60 countries around the world. Our volumes and the responsiveness to which we are committed imply management worthy of the giants of logistics.

To achieve this, we equip ourselves with the best tools and the best skills associated with motivated teams and cutting-edge delivery partners. As a result, the efficiency of our logistics center is recognized by major brands who choose to join us using the GONG logistics system.

They delegate the worldwide distribution of their products to our know-how, allowing them to focus on their ranges and letting us apply our strategy of lowering prices by reducing intermediaries.

Consult all the jobs currently available at GONG, from the workshop to general management. You may be just a few clicks away from a new adventure 😉