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GONG workshop

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We produce over 200 Boards yearly at our local workshop. Our goal is to be able to produce 2000 a year within ten years. Equipped with all the best technology of the day and the future, it’s the GONG laboratory.

GONG Board sandling

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Our work in images

Much of our work is top secret, but you can find some good examples of our savoir faire with our Handmade Boards for the Team and for you.

Board hand carrying

Our realizations

Our R&D dept.

We can’t show it all to you, but it is here where we brainstorm for the lines and technologies of tomorrow. We test, we tweak, and we establish the processes and specifications for production for the year or five years to come.


draw 3D colors wing

The GONG R&D dept

Our latest techno

Always focused on usage, our technologies are systematically at the forefront of our current production. Whether in traditional composites or full Carbon vacuum and/or 3D printing.

software draw board conception

Our techno in details