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GONG spirit

Passion above all

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Passionate about water and nature, we love being surrounded by it as much as possible.

In order to live this dream, we’ve been building boards for over 30 years now.

And of course it all started in a garage!!

Why? Simply because we couldn’t afford to buy them in stores. So with a group of buddies, we tinkered with every piece foam we could find, home sewed Kites, molded Fins etc…. the adventure had started and we weren’t yet aware.

The desire to Surf was stronger than material limitations. It devoured us and even took our attention away from school…

We have the incredible chance to live from our passion and to have been able to make a career out of it.



Sharing is an essential value here at GONG.

When you have such a strong passion for the Ocean and Nature, you want to share these intense moments, whether it be in action or in contemplation.

You prefer living the session on your own or sharing it with friends? For us it’s the same but on a massive scale.

Do we need to limit the amount of people that can go in the water because of heavy prices caused by multiple intermediaries ? Our answer is NO!

We share, we explain, and we create human trust with respect to the Surf Culture and its rules.

Direct relation

Because we are different, nobody speaks on our behalf. When we launched Stand Up Paddle in Europe, who was there to defend it? Our competition, who were all skeptics? A string of distributors, who have only their best interests in mind? Ditto for direct sales and for all the innovations, that profoundly change your usage. Only we can say exactly why and how. By choosing Direct Sales way before all the other players in the world of board sports, we placed all our bets on you. The immense majority of the business prefers to establish barriers and filters between the user and the creator. At GONG the opposite is the case: we are in direct and permanent interaction with our clients/users.

This independent spirit, at the service of passion, has always been our guiding light.

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The waterman spirit

Because we were born at the crossroads of the winds, we’ve always lived under seriously changing weather.  Where we live they say you can experience 4 seasons in a day. And it’s true for watersports: you can practice something almost every day.

This need to constantly adapt has made us versatile, giving us a direct lifeline to pleasure. It’s what connects us all.

Our 100% Waterman spirit is the antithesis of the segregation between sports. Nothing to do with what other people might say. Skim, Body, Surf, Windsurf, SUP, Bodysurf, Paddleboard, Snorkeling, Kite, Sailing, Longboard, foil… whatever it takes to get you out on the water, it’s all good. Always choosing the best suited support to maximize pleasure, smiles, and good mood.

The user as only reference

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Being heavy users of our products, we are particularly concerned with their efficiency.

But our concepts are based off the feedback of our users because it is for them that we exist. From the moment one decides to become a Shaper, the user becomes the single reference ; the center of all our attention.

The conventions of the business, the cronyism, the systems with multiple middle-men, none of this has value unless it benefits the user. Should this not be the case,  then there’s no soul. You are first!!

It is for this reason that our clients love us : it’s all done for them, and only for them.

The performance

3D draw conception boardFor everybody and for everyday, performance is our sole purpose. High performance for everyone at their own level is the guarantee of maximum pleasure.

We make Boards and accessories that function the best for each of your needs, from beginner to Pro.

Raw performance is not our goal. Performance should be at the service of each person´s pleasure, according to your desires/needs.

The spirit of pioneers

We, you, everyone can become a pioneer. Innovate within their vision of the world, within their passions, within their sport, in their relation to others, within the love they have for nature, everyone can do it.

At GONG it is our culture. Looking further, into unknown territory, or exploring your own garden and all its hidden corners.  It’s all a source for positive adventures. Our job is to open the garden gate for you, and make it all possible.

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Nature first

surf material

The preservation of our environment is a priority. We are passionate about nature, most notably about animals.

Nevertheless, it is obvious that our activities are contributing to the destruction of the planet. In spite of this we are doing all that is possible for us to reduce this imprint.

We integrate the environmental impact into our management with our process of product fabrication. Integrated into the R&D system, our Staff is on a mission to reduce this impact by utilizing available solutions and also by inventing new ones:

  • Packaging: 100% recyclable and without plastic on our major products.
  • A separation system for all our waste.
  • Durable Board production with the strongest shock-resistant technology for their use.
  • Dust and scrap reduction for the factory.
  • Subcontracting only to ‘clean’ factories controlled by authorities.

But we must not be naïve regarding this subject, thinking for example that building board in France would be more environmentally friendly. At a global scale it is identical, because most components are fabricated in Asia.

We believe that the price has a major impact on the planet. Above all, if you pay your gear 2,5 times more expensive, you will have to live and work 2,5 times harder to buy it, which in turn leads you to pollute 2,5 times more. And this is something we refuse.

But we also refuse to do ‘low-cost’ and to follow every new trend because this type of consumption destroys the planet mindlessly. Building Boards knowing that they are only going to last a summer? Never at GONG. That would mean surfing trash.

Ecology is a very concerning subject of the highest level. There is no perfect answer to this, just the will to be better every day.

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Human importance

For a better understanding of ourselves we must understand our relationship with others.

Yes, we do business, but we do while being respectful of others:

  • We do not allow to criticize our competitors on our Forum.
  • Our factories are paid decently. Wages have increased tenfold in eight years by distributing fairly the money that you as a customer pay.
  • We hire thriving collaborators, who are straightforward, modest, happy and very competent.
  • Our salary policy combines fixed salaries for everyone according to their qualifications with bonuses, that are given for fixed objectives and that are equal for all.

We are often asked the same question: you could sell for more, why do you sell so cheap?

Simply because we would have a hard time looking in the mirror.

A good conscience is paramount to us!! That’s how it is at GONG, we’re proud of our work because we do it well and to the benefit of everyone. We could make more, sure….. but Karma will take care of those who abuse their client’s naivety. And since our goal is to be happy, we don’t play with prices.

We won’t be friends with all our clients, it’s not the goal. But we will be super nice, professional, attentive, and most of all 100% honest.