We wanted to make you proud to ride GONG gear “and give back to the community”.


So welcome to the GONG Space Center, a surf shop that’s like no other! This temple dedicated to board sports hosts different spaces: a surf shop of 1000 m², 400 m² of shaping rooms, a warehouse full of gear, a gigantic photo studio, offices overlooking the shop but also a restaurant-bar open to everyone and a fitness room just for you… An exceptional work instrument for our staff and a superb showcase of the passions that bring us together.



The same dynamics as when we started

A visit of the GONG Space Center is like going for a tropical surf, SUP, wing and kite expo! A thousand boards are showcased there in a single and wide space with an incredible decor. From expert to neophyte, you will be warmly received by our team of enthusiasts for practical and useful advice.

It was in a small shaping room that GONG first developed its identity, in particular by offering innovative SUP shapes in the 2000s. The GONG Space Center maintains this dynamic from the first days with one small adjustment, the small shaping room is now a GONG Factory with 6 shaping and painting rooms plus a digital cutting room for our blanks. These new facilities increase our potential for innovation tenfold by making prototypes quickly available to our team riders, which we can then develop as production models. They also allow parallel production of Made In La France customs through which we vary the designs, technologies or shapes of our flagship models. In addition to being a laboratory of ideas for our prototypes and customs, the GONG Factory offers a fast board repair service, provided by expert hands!

Just for you

Located in the ZA de Brais, between Saint-Nazaire, Pornichet and La Baule, the Space Center is an architectural jewel set in the middle of nature: it fits perfectly on the edge of the Brière Regional Natural Park. GONG wanted to blend this new building into the forest. No trees were cut for its construction and we bought the forests – still managed by an organization that ensures their good health – around the site to preserve them. Natural pond, passages for animals under our fences… We’re not into tidy gardens, here we prefer flowery meadows and fruit trees ?​

To go even further in the desire to be one with its environment, the decoration of the Space Center, and particularly that of its shop and The Slab, is articulated around nature and old wood. Exotic plants, plant walls and palm trees teleport you to another world.

The GONG Space Center opens its doors to you from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., to come and meet us, find out about gear, come and have a drink after a session, discover the world of GONG… and for a thousand other reasons.

See you soon !




This respect and this desire to perfectly fit in our region and its environment can also be found in our restaurant: The Slab. The Chef, Fred, and his team offer eco-responsible, varied, healthy and quality cuisine. The emphasis is on the freshness and seasonality of the products which are, as soon as possible, purchased from a local producer. Here, we don’t use a freezer because we don’t even have one, everything is fresh!

But The Slab is not just a restaurant. They also serve galettes and desserts throughout the day. It’s the perfect place to have a drink with friends in an exotic atmosphere.

Restaurant menus