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3CS Technology

High quality materials : super light EPS blanks, Epoxy Resin, Fiber Glass, 3mm PVC on the deck and stringer/strips the length of the hull. 20mm PVC reinforcements under the accessories. Materials chosen for their adequacy to the high demands of our specifications.

This Techno offers the incomparable rapport between solidity/lightness due to the vacuumed PVC sandwich and the original conception that’s super solid around the box reinforcements, and at the always attractive GONG price!!

Technical details :

  • Board, 100% epoxy over EPS blank and PVC sandwich : light and durable.
  • Foam blank : EPS, high quality 15kg/m3.
  • Pre-shape digital order, rocker controlled by negative templates, shape by traditional templates, 100% hand finish.
  • Deck details : Full 3mm PVC sandwich/ 6mm fiber glass : solid!
  • Hull details : 3mm PVC sandwich / 6mm fiber glass over the flat/horizontal section which controls the flex of the Board and limits breakage in front of the Foil fixation. 2 layers of 6 oz. fiber glass over the inclined sections.
  • Reinforcements over the blank in the Foil fixation zone : including 3 vertical/traversing reinforcements, made from high density PVC foam (80kg/3m) glued with a layer of fiber glass, connecting the sandwich of the deck and the hull. Super solid mounting and directly merging rider to foil.
  • PVC reinforcements of 20mm thickness that surrounding US Box.
  • 3 patches of fiber glass over the US Box that diminish the possibility having it ripped out.
  • Finish, pro finish semi mat for the best glide and less sensitive to scratching.
  • The 3CS Techno is easily repairable in case of damage.
  • Light & durable for the best blend of price/feeling.

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Our boards with 3CS technology

Allvator Technology

With our Aluminum collection, all our wings are carbon PrePreg, a Must!

Strength is fundamental because we do not want you to have to change your Wings at the first impact. We’ve  doubled the number of layers compared to competing Brands. Not only are our Foils solid, but they are also easy to repair in case of a major impact.

The Aluminum parts (mast, fuselage, top plate) are extremely resistant. The pieces are suitable for intensive use, including riding at a very high level. Aluminum offers a great resistance to torsion, which is ideal for waves. And the price we offer on these recyclable parts minimises the damage done during an impact in case of violent shock.

This Technology, with an original and super strong design, comes to you at a really affordable GONG price!

Technical Details:

  • Moulded 45 kg/m3 Foam Core.
  • Finished and honed Shape by Numerical Control.
  • Detail of the Extrado: Full PrePreg Carbon Fiber mixing UD and 45 ° for rigidity and strength.
  • Detail of the Intrado: Full PrePreg Carbon Fiber mixing UD and 45 ° for rigidity and strength.
  • Connection reinforcements made with multiple layers of Fiberglass, Carbon and Kevlar. Super strong combining of materials and connection between direct rider / foil.
  • Extruded Aluminum Mast: rigid and perfectly shaped.
  • Top Plate and Fuselage CNC Machined Aluminum.
  • Pro finish semi mate finish for better glide, less sensitive to scratching.
  • Allvator Technology is easily repairable in case of impact.
  • It is powerful and durable with a feeling/price ratio that can’t be beat.

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Our Allvator Foils