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Our values

Passion, sharing, direct relationships, waterman spirit, the user above everything, the performance, the spirit of pioneers, nature first, the importance of the human element, all these foundation points are explained on the page “GONG spirit”.

Who is GONG?

Since 1996 we’ve been making innovative Boards sold with as few intermediaries as possible.
We are French, based in South Brittany, with French Capital and Taxes paid in France.
The owner of GONG is Patrice Guénolé with 100% of the shares. A long-time enthusiast.
The team is multicultural, made up of local and foreign folk.

Contact us

  • The Forum: consult our community.
  • By email, it’s the royal way.
  • By chat, if you can make the schedule it’s perfect.
  • Come to see us, but for some it may mean a lot of km…;-)
  • By telephone, but only for the SAV, everything else is best by email to better organize our answers and to satisfy you, and others faster.
    Obviously, it would be great to have an hour for everyone, but it’s just not possible 😉

Where to buy GONG?

Only at home. No intermediaries, no resellers, no distributors. GONG can only be bought to you by GONG and that’s the secret of our low prices.

Choose the Right Product

Help with making your choice: each product has its description and often a little help is needed to make a precise choice.

See the Boards in real life: it’s possible in La Baule or with the Ambassadors. But our high quality photos give you all the useful info to help make your decision.

Forum: This is the ideal source to expose your ideas and have answers from neutral users.

Chat: our Team answers you within allotted n the time slots.

How to Order ?

1 / Fill your basket :

To place an Order on our site, simply fill up your order basket. The availability of each item is clearly indicated on each product sheet. Once your basket filled you can consult it and modify its content at will.

2 / Choose the delivery method and validate your basket:

Before going to the next step, you have to choose between a delivery to the address of your choice or a free withdrawal to our La Baule depot (44). Note that our Warehouse/Showroom is open to the public only from Monday to Friday between 2pm and 6pm. Once this choice is made you can validate your order.

3 / Enter your profile information and add any special order comments:

Indicate your billing address, and that of delivery if it is different.

4 / Check one last time the contents of your order, the mode of delivery (it is still time to change if necessary), choose your payment method (CB or bank transfer), accept our Terms and Conditions, then click on ” order ”

5 / Pay the Order

  • with Credit Card: note that the debit is made on the Order (and not at the departure  of the goods from our warehouse) and that the site does not accept payments by American Express. Payments are of course 100% secured by Société Générale.
  • with Credit card in 3 installments : our partner PLEDG allows you to pay your orders in 3 installments from 150€ of purchase. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.
  • by Bank Transfer: using the GONG bank details that are available to you when you choose this payment method. Your Order will be processed upon receipt of your transfer to our bank account. Note that without receipt of payment from you within 5 days of your order, it will be canceled, and the products will be returned to stock.

For Orders that follow (login to your User account)

It’s the same process as above but by connecting in advance into your User Account.

The fields concerning your profile will appear like magic and you will be able to modify them if necessary.

Product availability

The availability of products is directly visible on their description page. They can be: In Stock, Available for Pre-Order, or Out of Stock.

In the case of products with variants (size or color for example) consider choosing the variant you want to check the presence in stock or the date of availability.

  • When the product is in stock, the mention ” item in stock, delivery in 3 working days ” appears on its description page. This means that the equipment is physically in our premises in La Baule (44) and that it can either be delivered to you according to our usual deadlines or be withdrawn directly from our Show-Room.
  • When the product is on Pre-Order, its availability date is indicated on its descriptive page. The product is then in transit between our manufacturing plants and our La Baule warehouse (44). The date indicated corresponds to the date on which the container must be delivered to us. When you Pre-order a product, you have the assurance of having this product from the arrival of the container. Note that the payment of Pre-Orders takes place when they go online, and not when the goods are received. You can also choose to wait for the arrival in stock of the product to order but it is not uncommon that some references are all sold at the arrival of a container which then backs up your possibility of acquisition.
  • “Out of Stock” on a product page means that all items in this reference are already sold or pre-ordered. As soon as the next arrival date will be known these items will be switched to pre-order. If you enter your email address to register on the waiting list of this product, you will be automatically notified by mail when it will be possible to place an order again.

We have deliveries of containers several times a week/month.

Shipping Costs

The Shipping Fees for your Order are calculated as accurately as possible, depending on the weight and volume of the packages that comprise it, and your delivery address.

The invoicing of the Shipping Fees is identical within continental France and its bordering European countries. An additional cost is automatically charged for deliveries to more distant European countries and all European Islands.

In the case of a delivery in the DOM-TOM or outside Europe you will be interrupted in your order process before the payment stage. If you validate your Order at this time the material will be set aside for you, and our Sales Department will contact you to provide you with the exact amount of shipping costs related to this delivery. You can accept this estimate and pay, or refuse it and your Order will be canceled.

The amount of shipping is a “generic” term, which includes all costs related to the processing and delivery of your Order: Order processing, control and packaging of items, shipping by carrier.

To know the amount of postage related to an article simply put the item in your basket and open your basket. Be careful, if you are not connected to your User Account you will only have access to an estimate that will only be updated when you indicate your delivery address.

We also offer you the possibility of not paying Shipping Fees by directly withdrawing your order from our La Baule depot (44). By choosing ” withdrawal at the GONG depot ” rather than a ” delivery to the address of your choice ” when placing your Order, the material will be made available for you on our premises. The hours of passage to the Showroom to withdraw your Orders are from Monday to Friday, between 16 and 18h. When your Order is ready to be picked up you will receive an email informing you of this.


Your online payments are secured by Atos Origin.

This involves a more complex procedure for you but it is the guarantee of maximum protection of your data.

The payment method:

  • We only work with Credit Card or Bank Transfer s that you may save time.
  • On the shop online, when placing your Order you choose to pay by CC or Transfer. The exchange is immediate. If you choose to settle your Order by Bank Transfer, you have 5 days to do this before your order will be canceled, and the products put back in stock.
  • On our side we start the process for the preparation of the Order, Invoicing and Delivery, as soon as we’ve confirmed the validity of your payment.

Failure during payment:

Payment may fail for many reasons. Here are the most common ones:

  • Credit Card not accepted by the site: American Express cards, Electron cards for example.
  • you made a mistake while entering the information online.
  • you do not have the phone with which your bank sends the confirmation code that you have to enter on the payment interface.
  • The internet connection has crashed during your banking operation.
  • you have taken too long to enter the information.

There are many reasons for it to get stuck.

In all cases of “freezing”: It’s NOT a problem! We’re here to help you and in any case it will be fine. Our open Forum testifies to this. Keep Calm.

If the payment is not made you will find your Order in your customer area to try again. Attention, the material is not reserved for you until we have received a valid payment CC or information of the site indicating your desire to pay us by Bank Transfer

Tracking your Order

When the payment of your Order by CC is validated or that you validate your payment by transfer, the material is reserved for you and taken out of our computer stock (that it is available immediately or in pre-order). You will receive an email to inform you.

You will then be notified by email with each change of status of your order and will thus know at any time where is the treatment of this one.


GONG-GALAXY works with the best transport providers to deliver to you anywhere in Europe and around the world in a very short time. 80% of your orders arrive at your destination after less than 48 hours of treatment.

Delivery of your orders is ensured by different carriers depending on the items ordered and their respective size:

  • The rigid Surf Boards, Kite, Foil or SUP are delivered by a specialized carrier who contacts you by mail and SMS before making the delivery. It is you who organizes with them the appointment for your delivery to be sure to be present to check the condition of the goods. In mainland France these deliveries are made within 3 days of their departure from our warehouse (except in the case of Islands and some resorts more difficult to access in high season).
  • The Inflatable Boards and the bulky accessories are delivered by express specialists (DPD / TNT) which propose by SMS a time slot for delivery and the possibility to change it. In the majority of cases these shippings are made in less than 48 hours (except Corsica).
  • Small accessories are shipped by post to Colissimo in 48 / 72h.

Whatever the service provider used, no margin is made on transport costs by GONG SUP 1.

We chose these companies for their quality of service and their respect of deadlines. Despite our requirements, hazards can occur. The transportation of products, especially large ones, involves risks of breakage. The problems are rare and the Insurance is based off a fixed sum.

We strongly advise you to unpack the material received in the presence of the deliveryman for a detailed inspection. In case of dispute, follow the claim procedure of the carrier and must make a written claim in RAR within 48 hours to the carrier. All product returns are the responsibility of the customers. The transfer of responsibility for the product takes place from our loading dock. In case of transport damage, contact us so that we can assure you the best follow-up and service.

Warranty and Responsibilities

We take the utmost care in the design, selection and production of these products. Their Warranty covers the statutory period of one year from the date of purchase. However, the Warranty covers only a so-called normal and reasonable use. Products broken under poor conditions of use are not taken as collateral. It is up to everyone to take care of their equipment and maintain it properly. We hope that it will offer you great moments and we appreciate your feedback.

Please refer to the Terms of Use and Warranty found on www.gong-galaxy.com. We recommend careful and responsible use of our articles. Gliding Sports may present dangers for you, others and the equipment. It is your responsibility as a practitioner not to use our articles in conditions inappropriate to their use or your skill level. GONG SUP 1 SARL and its third parties will not be responsible in case of accident or damage.


At all times, we are available via our contact form to help you finalize an Order, or provide you with a solution, whatever the concern.

The Com

Why doesn’t GONG have its products tested in magazines? Mags and other blogs live off the publicity, and even if we advertise at home, do you think they would want to go against all other traditional trade brands? Quite frankly it’s like taking out a thorn in your side to not partake in this perverse game.



Q :Is there anything I have to know for the Bank Transfer?
GONG: Our Bank Details will appear as soon as you choose to pay with Bank Transfer.
Products are reserved in stock for 5 days until the transfer appears on our account. Beyond this time, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Q :Are payments on your site secure?
GONG:Yes, Online payment by credit card is realized via the security system “Atos worldline” which allows the encryption of your bank details during their transmission on the network

Q :Do you keep my Credit Card numbers?
GONG:No, we do not have direct access to this information.

Q: How does the payment in 3 installments works?
GONG: The payment in 3 installments is done via our partner PLEDG, specialized in the facilities of payment in e-commerce. The way it works is simple: at the validation stage of your order, and if your geographical area is compatible, we will offer you the option “Payment in 3 installments”. If you subscribe to this service, your details will be sent to Pledg which, subject to acceptance of your application, will offer you a payment schedule in 3 installments over 3 months. This service is currently available in the following countries: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium and Portugal.


Q : How can I order online?
GONG : by following the 5 steps described above in the paragraph ” how to order? ”

Q : What is the availability of a product?
GONG : the availability of the products is directly visible on their description page. They can be: In Stock, Available for Pre-Order, or Out of Stock.

Q : When will you receive the container?
GONG : the date of reception of products on Pre-Order is indicated when placing your Order. Availability dates announced on these products are for customers who have not yet placed an Order. They can evolve or change after the passage of your Order without affecting your delivery time. If this change may be due to a delay of delivery of the container the concerned customers will be informed by email of any changes.

Q : Do you ship to USA / Asia / Australia?
GONG : Yes (except rigid boards), you can place your order, and just before payment, our sales department will contact you to inform you of the shipping costs. Wrong => you can place an order, the shipping costs will be automatically calculated by our system.

Q : Is it possible to pay Un-Taxed?
GONG : All orders placed in our shop are to be paid in full. You can see the amount of this one during the validation of your basket. 

If you are a resident of a non-EU zone and you pay the local VAT on arrival, we will refund you the French VAT on proof of payment. To do so, please use the contact form.

Q : Is delivery possible in the DOM-TOM?
GONG : Yes (except rigid boards), but it generates an additional cost in terms of shipping costs. When placing your Order, you will be contacted by our sales department to provide you with the amount of these fees. -> Yes, delivery in French overseas departments and territories is possible, except for rigid boards. If you wish to order a rigid board, you can take care of shipping via a forwarding agent.

Q : Can you reserve this article?
GONG : If a product you want is out of stock, you have the possibility to register on its waiting list in order to be notified when it is back in stock.

Q : Can I have my Invoice?
GONG : Your Invoice is available as soon as the material is shipped. You will find it as an attachment to the mail received to inform you of the shipment of your order, but also in your customer profile under the heading ” my orders ”.

Q : What time can I go to pick up my order at the Showroom?
GONG : Our Showroom is open from Monday to Friday between 16h and 18h.

Q : Do you take back of old material?
GONG : Yes, it’s a deposit sale with only GONG gear. Contact us before coming by with the material. Note that the classifieds section of our Forum is very active.

Q : I would like to buy from you but … if you gave me a discount it would help me decide?
GONG : Our Direct Sales System allows you to access the best rates at this level of quality. We offer in our ” Good Deals ” section an ‘end-of-the-series’ or ‘used items’ at very low prices. If your request concerns an Order for a large number of items (for a club or a group of friends for example) contact our Sales Department via our contact form to receive a quotation proposal.

Customer Account:

Q : How to change your delivery address on the site?
GONG : Before placing your Order: directly in your customer area, heading addresses. During the passage of your order: by completing / modifying the fields of your delivery address.

Q : RGPD Conditions / your Data
GONG : We invite you to consult chapter 12 of our General Conditions of Sale concerning the Protection of your Personal Data.


Q : Do you have the coordinates of the carrier? How do I contact him?
GONG : All carriers with whom we work transmit a Tracking Number by SMS and / or email 24h – 72h after the shipment of your package. They are the ones who will contact you. If this is not the case 48 hours after you have received our email informing you of the shipment of your order, thank you to contact our Logistic Department via our contact form so that we get closer to the carrier.

Q : Can I have a fast delivery?
GONG : Our transport partners propose deadlines from 24 to 48 hours in metropolitan France. For Europe delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination. This corresponds to the best possible delay / cost ratio proposed by our carriers. We do not offer services with shorter lead times.

Q : How can I change my Delivery Address? (Order already paid)
GONG : by contacting our Sales Department via our contact form which will do its utmost to intercept your order and modify it before shipment.

Q : Can I have the Tracking Number for my package?
GONG : When your package is shipped, you’ll receive the Tracking Number directly from the carrier within 24 to 48 hours.

Q : When will you ship my Order?
GONG :  your Orders are processed within 24 to 48 hours (working days). Once we have shipped your Order, you will be notified by email. If your order includes one or more products in pre-order, we will first send you the available products, then the one or more in presale. In the case of an order paid without tax, the shipment will be made in one go when the last presale arrives.

Q : With which Service did you ship my package?
GONG : It depends on the content of your Order and your Delivery Address. When your package is shipped, you receive the follow-up directly by the carrier within 24 hours to 48 hours so you will know at that time, which partner we used for your delivery.

Q : What is the delivery delay?
GONG : All the carriers with whom we work propose delays of 24 to 48 hours in metropolitan France. For Europe delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination.

Q : How long does Customs clearance take (overseas, Switzerland, Norway, United States …)?
GONG : This period varies from 48 hours to 5 days depending on the destination.


Q : Can I have a Tracking Number for delivery?
GONG : All carriers with whom we work transmit a tracking number by SMS and / or email 24h after the shipment of your package.

Q : I have scheduled a delivery but the delivery man has not passed!
GONG :  Contact us via our contact form so that we follow up on your package.

Q : I ordered an item available but a week later still nothing!
GONG :  If your order has been placed tax-free or entirely via a credit note, the shipment will be made as soon as the last presale product is available.
If you are sure that this item was not in pre-order but in stock, this delay is unusually long, contact us via our contact form so that we can follow up on your order.

Q : I did not receive the email to follow my delivery, can you give me news?
GONG : Check your spam, it is possible that the email of the carrier has been considered as such. If this is not the case, and if your Order was shipped 48H, contact us via our contact form so that we track your package.

Q : How can I get it delivered to my home?
GONG :  When placing your Order, simply select a delivery to the address of your choice, and fill in the address of your home.

Q : How to pick up my Order at the deliveryman’s warehouse?
GONG :  This is an option offered by some carriers, which you simply select when receiving the Tracking Number.

Q : What is the delivery delay?
GONG : All the carriers with whom we work propose delays of 24 to 48 hours in metropolitan France. For Europe delays vary from 3 to 6 days depending on the country of destination.

Q : What to do in case of damage to the board at its reception?

  •  In case of damage to the equipment, take photos and describe precisely on the delivery note the nature of the damage with the reference of the articles concerned, whether you choose or not to keep the goods.
  • In case of problem, inform us by phone at 0240173652 and via our contact form by sending us the photos of the damage.
  • Refuse the excessively damaged goods by adding the words “destroyed goods” on the delivery note without mentioning the condition of the outer packaging.
  • If the damage is minor, you can choose to keep your items for arrangement with our Sales Department via our contact form. The damage must however imperatively be mentioned on the delivery order so that we have an appeal with the carrier.
  • Whatever your decision, you must post a registered letter with acknowledgment of Receipt of Letter to the attention of the carrier within a maximum of 48 hours, simply indicating the condition of the material (as on the delivery note) and your refusal or no merchandise. Without this mail, we would not be able to open a dispute with the carrier and offer compensation.

Q : The cardboard is not damaged, should I open it and check anyway?
GONG :  Yes, it is imperative to unpack and control the goods received when it comes to rigid Boards. The packaging may appear intact because it can absorb shocks without being visible, but the merchandise contained may be damaged.

Q : The carrier refuses to let me unpack my Board, help!

  • It is imperative to open the package and check the condition of the goods in the presence of the carrier before signing the delivery note, even if the package seems to be in perfect condition and have not been shocked.
  • The mention “subject to unpacking” has no legal value. If the carrier is in a hurry, a cold drink or a portion of the remaining cake from this afternoon often inspires him to wait. If he refuses, refuse the goods.

Q : The Board has a small transport shock and I want to surf this weekend with, what to do?
GONG : If the damage is minor, you can choose to keep your items for arrangement with our Sales Department via our contact form. The damage must however be imperatively mentioned on the delivery order so that we have an appeal with the carrier.


Q : I do not like this article, how do you return it?
GONG : You have the right return the article within 14 days of its reception if it does not satisfy you. Please refer to paragraph 8 of our General Conditions of Sale to know the details of this procedure and to contact our Sales Department via our contact form to inform them.

Q : You delivered me the wrong product, what to do?
GONG : Contact us via our contact form with our Logistic Department reminding them of the number of your Order and indicating the delivery error. He will answer you as soon as possible.

QI was made a mistake, how to change an article?
GONG : Follow the same procedure as if the received item does not satisfy you (returns right).

Q : How to be reimbursed for returned item?
GONG : As soon as we have received your items in return and they have been controlled by our service, we will proceed with the refund in cash, by Bank Transfer. In order to facilitate the processing of your package, please follow the procedure indicated on our contact form.

Q : Have you made my refund?
GONG : If this is the case you have received an email from the shop informing you. You can also check it in your customer area under “Orders”. The refund by transfer is made to the account linked to the credit card that was used when paying your Order.


Q : Do you Test / Demo?
GONG : Sorry we do not have events. We are focused on production. But our many Ambassadors are there to advise you and show you their Quivers.

Q : Are your Surfboards / SUP Boards guaranteed?
GONG : All our Boards are guaranteed. This covers hidden defects and production errors. However, a breakage due to misuse will not be covered by warranty. Anyway, contact us via our contact form, we will never leave you dissatisfied and you will always propose a solution.

Q : Is it possible to do a Custom at GONG?
GONG : Our workshop produces several hundred customs a year, mainly for Team Pro and R & D. Make a request via our contact form to find out if we have any available in the schedule please.

Q : Is it possible to modify a Surf/SUP Pack?
GONG : In the case of minor modifications (tail pad or paddle model) please contact our Sales Department via our contact form who will make every effort to satisfy your request for modification. => Packs are indivisible and cannot be modified.

Q : Is it possible to order a pack if one of the components is out of stock?
GONG : No the packs are indivisible and it is therefore not possible to order it if one of the elements is not available. You can however register on the waiting list of the missing product in order to be notified as soon as it is back in stock.

QIf I do not take the Fins, can I have a special price on another set?
GONG : Unfortunately, no. Keep the new series Fins to better sell your Board when you decide to resell it.

QCan I choose the size of the Fins supplied with the Board?
GONG : The size is standard, sorry. If you wish to complete it with a set of another dimension do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form so that we advise you at best.

QIs it better to start with SUP Foil before practicing WING Foil?
GONG : Yes and no. The Wingfoil is “easy”. But all the time you spend on a Foil you will progress in other foil sports. So, whatever the medium, fly.

QWhat is the difference between Karmen and Alley?
GONG : The Alley is our most agile Board. She will express herself in verticality. The Karmen will offer more speed and stronger turns. Both are for high performance, but Karmen is easier to paddle.

QWhat is the difference between a Chip and a Couine Marie?
GONG : These two ranges are of excellent quality. The Chip are the version without option while the Couines are the full options version. This explains the difference in price because the accessories and the ultra-detailed finishing of the Couines require many hours of work.

QWhich wing Foil can you recommend?
GONG : Please, find all our recommendations for foiling in our buying guide.

QWhat kind of package should I get to start WingFoil?
GONG : Please, find all our recommendations to start Wingfoiling in our buying guide.

QI start Kitefoiling, what Board and foil you advise me?
GONG : The Catch with the standard Allvator Foil Kite in 65/45 wings is ideal. Take the volume that makes your life easier and is more secure for you. Do not put yourself into a situation where you will fail. And take a mast of 65cm as a spare part for your first 3/5 sessions.

Q :Is there a Board that allows me to do Kitefoil and Surfoil?
GONG : Yes, the 3CS Catch is perfect for that. Volume to be determined according to your level.

QWhat is the weight of this Board?
GONG : You will find all these technical details on each sheet of each article on our online shop.

QWhat is the most suitable Board to start Kite Foil in your shop?
GONG : It depends on a lot of individual parameters, contact us so that we can advise you.

QDo you have Demo kites for us to test ?
GONG : Yes, we have some Demo kites, contact us.