Surf Freestyle Wings

Choose a wing for surfing, freestyle maneuvers, downwinds, or all of the above in our surf-freestyle category!

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Introducing the Surf Freestyle Program:

Choose a wing for surfing, freestyle maneuvers, downwinds, or all of the above in our surf-freestyle category!

Our wing range offers 5 models classified by sailing style, including allround, surf-freestyle, freerace, and lightwind wings. If you want to ride the waves and/or catch some air, the surf-freestyle category is designed for you.

Wing foilers: Bastien and Patrice, using Droid UPE Aramid and Neutra UPE Aramid.

What is a surf-freestyle wing?

A surf-freestyle wing is essentially designed for neutral surfing for freefly maneuvers and a subtle balance of power for relaunching and performing tricks. In our range, the Droid and Neutra cover this program, each with a different feel:

  • The Droid is the ultimate surf-freestyle wing. Its compact shape ensures smooth rotations/tricks, and its power provides lightning-fast acceleration. Ideal for landing multiple tricks per ride, quick relaunches, and responsive surfing for tricks in the wave. The Droid is the preferred wing for our team riders in the Surf-Freestyle World Cup.
  • The Neutra also fits perfectly into this category with exemplary neutrality in surfing and the ability to launch high in jumps, as evidenced by its Big Air World Champion title. The Neutra stands out for its lightweight feel and great maneuverability, thanks to its highly curved leading edge and dynamically twisted tips. Whether you’re surfing, making turns, or punctuating your sessions with solid tricks, on and off the wave, the Neutra is the queen.
Wing foiler: Moritz, GONG team rider, using Neutra Perf Series and Lethal FSP Pro.

For Whom?

Those who choose a surf-freestyle wing aim to experience the most intense sensations that wing foiling offers. These wings allow you to go higher, stronger, and with more precision than allround wings, unlocking your potential in demanding conditions with outstanding reactivity and controllable power, providing a wide range of use in various wind conditions.

Qualities of a Surf-Freestyle Wing

Lightweight design is essential for efficiency and comfort in surf and/or freestyle practice. This is a top priority for our surf-freestyle wings, including a significant weight reduction in our Team Series wings in UPE Aramid technology. Additionally, the GONG boom they come equipped with is 200g lighter than rigid handles.

Ultra-precise handling due to a sharp shape, exemplary rigidity, and a very stable profile. For even more precision, rigid handles or even a boom for maximum riding comfort can be chosen. The responsiveness and precise power control characteristic of these wings result in excellent performance in all wind ranges. Whether underpowered or overpowered, they always allow you to find your comfort zone through finesse in handling.

Your surf-freestyle wing needs to be robust to face the most challenging conditions and handle falls that occur during high-intensity sessions.

A well-designed surf-freestyle wing shines with:

  • Lightweight
  • Precision
  • Stability
  • Rigidity
  • Strength
Wing foilers Malo and Julien, GONG team riders, respectively using Droid UPE Aramid (Team Series) and Droid (Perf Series).

Handle Systems on a Surf-Freestyle Wing

In our Perf Series collection, distinguished by dacron construction, for Droid and Neutra, you have the option to choose rigid handles, textile handles, or a boom using the GONG Fastening System, a unique 3-in-1 system!

Droid and Neutra Perf Series come default with textile handles, lightweight and forgiving. Rigid handles and the GONG boom enhance radical on-water desires by providing more precision, sailing comfort, and power. These systems are recommended for a surf-freestyle practice focused on performance. The GONG boom, lighter and incredibly comfortable while sailing, also stiffens the wing’s structure, improving overall performance. That’s why our latest Team Series wings in UPE Aramid are exclusively offered with this system.

Wing foilers Max and Malo, GONG team riders, using Droid and Neutra (Perf Series) wings mounted with a GONG Boom.