WOOD 2X Wing Boards

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It is essential to understand the constructions offered when you buy a board.
Aesthetics and programs are important, but construction is key! And very often, it is the obstacle course to find this information in between the marketing twists and turns …

At GONG, we are committed to presenting to you in all transparency what lies beneath the final paint layer, without blah blah.

WOOD 2X techno

Economical, but less light.

Our entry-level construction is without blushing, comparable (if not better) than most of the high-end boards on the market sold at high prices …
The board is fully reinforced with a fiberglass lamination with a vacuum bonded wood sandwich and a super strong laminated biaxial fiberglass. Fully, that is to say the deck, the bottom but also the rails, unlike many “prestige” brands.
And the deck benefits from an additional reinforcement in a 3mm high density PVC (Airex) sandwich which limits all impacts, a guarantee of durability.
It is the perfect techno for first-time wing buyers, who are looking for an unbeatable price / solidity combo.

  • 3D shape on modeling software.
  • Preshape by numerical control for total reliability.
  • Shape control by traditional templates, finishing off the last mm 100% by hand.
  • 100 % epoxy resin and EPS foam blank: solid and lightweight.
  • Deck, hull, and rails in vacuumed wood sandwich: an unbeatable price/strength ratio.
  • Deck: full wood/fiberglass sandwich composed of a wood core and 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz biaxial fiberglass, a PVC/fiber sandwich over the entire foot passage area.
  • Hull: full wood/fiberglass sandwich composed of a wood core and 2 layers of 4oz fiberglass and 1 layer of 6oz biaxial fiberglass.
  • Specific foil reinforcements: high density PVC block that holds in the two US rail boxes. Four layers of carbon cover the boxes. The PVC block connects the boxes to the deck to avoid EPS being compacted on this critical area.
  • Rails: the wooden sandwich structure completely covers the rails: structural solidity, good resistance to shocks (paddle strokes).
  • Integrated carrying handle in the PVC Sandwich : limits settling, avoids breakage in the surrounding area.
  • Resin tinted hot coat : nobility of the process, weight saving and solidity of the finish.
  • Hand-made matt “custom finish” for weight saving and a better glide.

These boards are equipped with our WOOD 2X technology for the best strength/price compromise on the market.

The board is fully covered with a wood sandwich reinforced with a biaxial fiber on the top and bottom.

The addition of a biaxial fiber greatly strengthens the board for increased durability.

The rails are protected by wood and multiple layers of fiberglass. The top is reinforced over the entire foot passage area by high density PVC.

Since 2023 we have replaced the classic US Boxes, which everyone uses but which were not originally designed for foiling, with our own US Double Entry GONG Boxes designed and tested by our design office for extreme use in foiling. These new boxes are specifically reinforced in areas of high stress and are molded with a high fiber content. Durability is increased tenfold. We are clearly on the best BOX on the market which corresponds exactly to our needs in terms of resistance and functionality. What could be simpler than aligning the 4 nuts with the 4 entrances and sliding the foil into the box? 3 turns with a screw tightener and it’s ready. It’s so easy that you’ll wonder how you could do it the old way for years hahaha.

The foil boxes are placed in a large PVC 80kg/m3 reinforcement thicker than the boxes. Without any risk of water infiltration in the EPS sandwich, even with an intense impact. This reinforcement is connected to the PVC sandwich of the deck with PVC slats to ensure the cohesion of the whole and to avoid any play in the reinforcements over the years. Everything is fitted with fiberglass reinforcements for tolerance and carbon to limit bending. The handle is also set in a waterproof PVC block.

Remember that the high density PVC blocks that house the boxes and the handle are in addition to the full PVC sandwich. The anchoring is absolutely perfect. Not to compare with a reinforcement simply held by layers of fiber. Our reinforcements take hold on a high thickness of rigid material that you would not be able to bend by hand for example, which you could if it was only layers of fibers.

The WOOD 2X gives you access to an extremely reliable technology at an unbeatable price. An entry-level product in our offer, which corresponds to the high-end construction of other brands !!

At GONG, our boards are the highest quality. Our low prices can only be explained by our direct sales model, eliminating margins. If by misfortune you break them, they can be repaired from A to Z with the components we keep in stock for your favorite repairer.

New equipment and design

Since 2023, our wing boards features a new sleek design, taken over from the finishes used in the shape rooms for our custom boards, just like the full sandwich construction which have also been transposed years ago from our custom boards to our production boards.

The equipment is completely renewed on the 2023 boards:

  • New reinforced GONG boxes to send big and new double entry rails that allows you to use our SCS system and save precious time during assembly!
  • New more ergonomic GONG handle that offers a better grip.
  • New stratification of the leash plug with a polished finish and absolute solidity.
  • New sets of GONG footstraps, more ergonomic and more comfortable. In single version at the back and in V shape at the front for an ultra-balanced stance.
  • New hard brush pad that allows for more thickness on the entire board for absolute comfort.

We invite you to analyze in detail your future board on the new 3D module of our product sheets.

Buy as an informed consumer!