FSP 2X Wing Boards

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It is essential to understand the constructions offered when you buy a board.
Aesthetics and programs are important, but construction is key! And very often, it is the obstacle course to find this information in between the marketing twists and turns …

At GONG, we are committed to presenting to you in all transparency what lies beneath the final paint layer, without blah blah.

FSP 2X techno

Both light and very strong. This is the best-selling technology because it mixes the most advantages in a very reasonable price.

The FSP (Full Sandwich PVC): the techno that positions GONG boards in another world.
An exclusivity on the wing boards market, which comes directly to us from high-end construction techniques.
Unlike other wing board constructions on the market, our FSP boards are fully vacuum “shelled” with an extremely strong PVC (Airex) foam sandwich with a density of 80kg / m2. This density is 3 times greater than that of our competitors’ EPS foam blanks! Here again, we cover the top, the bottom but also the rails with a super strong 3mm shell! It’s 5 to 10 times thicker than the competition !!! Knees, paddles, harness hooks, the heart of your board is fully protected by a resistant and waterproof sandwich.
In FSP 2X, this sandwich is covered with a layer of biaxial fiberglass, much stronger than conventional fibers with its large fibers with a “reinforced concrete” effect.
The whole is of unparalleled durability and dynamism. It is the ultra solid techno that allows you to progress serenely on our Lance, Zuma and MOB 2taste.
Yet our FSP 2X boards remain at record weights.
First, because they are handmade using our French high-end manufacturing methods for custom boards.
Then because this super strong “shell” allows us to lighten the core of our boards to give them all the liveliness you need.


Common point on all our technos for the foil box

The two US foil boxes have become the standard. But at GONG they are installed in a thick block of high density and waterproof PVC (Airex) of 80 kg / m3; and supported by a skeleton in high density PVC (Airex) foam and laminated in fiberglass, crossing the EPS foam blank from the bottom to the top part of the sandwich to transmit the forces to the deck, and therefore to your feet. The whole is reinforced on the hull with multiple layers of carbon. No risk of water intake in the EPS foam blank or crushing the foam blank, the cohesion of the whole is durable and total for an immediate response of the foil underfoot. It is not the foam blank that takes in the efforts between the foil and your feet: you are in direct contact! And if you hit a rock at full speed and damage a box, the board remains waterproof. Repair is simple and durable thanks to this PVC base.

We invite you to analyze in detail your future board on the new 3D module of our product sheets.

Buy as an informed consumer!