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The comfort of wing foiling with a harness goes beyond sparing your body, it also frees up your feet by connecting your board leash to your harness. This significantly reduces the risk of your feet getting tangled with the leash o f the board.

The advantages

In addition, in the event of a fall, you can easily find your leash to pull the board towards you. Very practical to get going again within a couple of seconds. No need to find your foot underwater to untie your leash in the event of an emergency in the shorebreak either. To disconnect it easily, we recommend a solution that allows a quick disconnection such as the Quick Release GONG Leash.

A series of small advantages which, together with sparing your energy and body, convince many practitioners to use a harness. The gain in comfort is significant. Energy saving being the main thing. It really matters towards the end of the session, in order to be consistent in your maneuvers and to pump like crazy if the wind lets you down ?

The choice to use a harness is essentially a question of being comfy for a whole session. You quickly take the habit of being careful not to lean on your harness hook when getting on the board. To avoid tangling your leash with your harness line, we recommend using a semi-rigid line such as the GONG harness line.

Switching to a harness

Sailing without a harness is very cool on a program with fairly short tacks, especially if you can recover in phases of free fly. The harness is not essential. Everyone has their preferences and they are all valid. The main thing is to find your own comfort. Here is a testimony of François, GONG ambassador, who is now totally hooked on the use of harness ?

“Very skeptical at first, I never sail without a harness anymore! The harness hook is a no-brainer for me with lots of advantages and very few disadvantages…
I tried a lot of solutions for the harness, but in the end, I’m staying with my belt and its strong and sliding hook.

My leashes are hanging on my back. It’s great for transitions with the Wing and my 6′ thin surf leash. The duration of my sessions is longer, I head up hard if necessary, I rest my arms, I get to the peak with still a lot of energy to surf the wave, that’s great.

I don’t see any inconvenience apart from the start… and again, with the sliding hook, you put it to the side for the time of the start to be able to climb on the board without any risk of damaging it. But that’s the only thing I can think of!

The Neutra 6m is very stable in this asthmatic 12 knot wind, held by one hand and the other handle by the harness…

My left supraspinatus thanks me, and my recovery is better after long sessions! The GONG harness line is top notch and I can’t see why you’d deprive yourself of it ”