Allround wings

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Introducing the Allround Program:

The Allround rider is characterized by their desire not to specialize in any particular discipline but rather seeks equipment that brings joy and excitement, regardless of the prevailing conditions. This versatile gear allows them to enjoy a myriad of activities, from friendly racing with peers to performing exhilarating jumps with a sensation of weightlessness, catching waves, and embarking on adventurous downwind runs. The equipment designed for the Allround program strikes the perfect balance, offering high-quality performance without compromising on simplicity or being considered entry-level.

What’s an allround wing?

An allround wing is above all a very versatile wing that allows you to push performance in a wide range of uses. Be it in freeride, wave riding, freestyle, light wind or freerace, this type of wing allows you, without any complexes, to have fun in the specific field of a more specialized wing. In our range it is the Plus which, thanks to its ease of handling and its performance, allows everyone to have enjoy the conditions of the day as they inevitably dictate the way your session is gonna unfold.

For whom?

Progressing and having fun is what an allround wing is all about. This is obviously of interest for most wing foilers as fun on the water leads to more progression, and conversely making progress is quite enjoyable 😉. An allround wing is therefore ideal for a beginner who aspires to discover the incredible sensations of wing foiling as well as for an experienced wing foiler who will appreciate the comfort and ease of a wing that will perfectly support his ambitions on the water.

Wing foiler: Melvin with the Flint FSP Pro and a Plus Wing.

What are the qualities of an allround wing?

Lightness is a guarantee of ease and comfort. It is therefore a top priority along with the maneuverability of an allround wing. The handling must be simple to help progression, limit falls and spare the body. A good allround wing allows you to sail for a long time without getting tired, and therefore to progress faster.

A quality allround wing should also be very efficient at take-off, which allows you to widen the low range and fly in a maximum of conditions. The wing must feel powerful in the low end and smooth in gusts thanks to a shape that can handle overpowered sailing.

Your allround wing must be solid to absorb the inevitable approximations that punctuate the learning curve of a progressing wing foiler.

A well-designed allround wing shines with:

  • its lightness
  • its handling
  • its performance
  • its solidity

With or without windows?

Wings with windows are safer because they significantly increase your windward field of vision. For beginners, a wing with windows is a must because safety comes first. A window greatly helps to anticipate a risk of collision on the water.

Like a driver who must take into account the blind spots of his vehicle, a wing foiler that does not have a window must deal with reduced visibility. In both cases, you need experience and to be very reactive. Wings without windows are therefore not recommended for beginners. Whatever your level, you must always check your trajectory, especially in maneuvers and tricks.