Inflatable Surf

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The high-end technology that makes the success of our Couine Marie inflatable SUPs is also used for our inflatable surfboards!

Which inflatable surf choose ?

So you have light, easy and solid surfboards that offer real performance thanks to perfect rigidity. Boards that you can take anywhere! A must have among your luggage when you are on a weekend or on a trip near a spot.

Three different shapes are developed in order to have fun without the fuss whatever your level or the conditions: the Compact, the Shortboard and the Longboard.

The COMPACT inflatable surfboard is ideal for soft waves, but also for hollow shorebreaks that require a small board to cope with steep take offs smoothly. It paddles fast for its size because it is thick. At the take off, all you have to do is to use the wide tail to set off in three paddling strokes. Its surfing qualities are surprising with a very wide rear third which naturally generates a lot of speed to accelerate. Paradoxically, it turns really well thanks to its very playful small size. Its performances are amazing for an inflatable board.

The Couine Marie SHORTBOARD, generous in volume, is super easy and will amaze you with its maneuverability and speed. It’s the hassle-free board that pushes you to progress. It is ideal for deeper or faster waves, but also for anyone who wants to combine paddling speed and high maneuverability. Its program is really extensive and will cover most of your sessions.

The Couine Marie LONGBOARD is the ideal board for long and soft waves, but also for anyone who wants to combine paddling speed and comfort of use. The easy and hassle-free board par excellence. Its range of use is wide, mainly made for small waves, it can also cope with more powerful waves if you’re an experienced surfer.

Which model to choose?

  • The COMPACT model is mainly aimed at advanced surfers. It is an ideal board for traveling, which will take up little space during transport, the size is reduced to its maximum, it will necessarily find a place on the plane, in the trunk of the car, or even on the back of your electric bike !
  • The LONGBOARD and SHORTBOARD models will mainly be aimed at beginners. The inflatable structure is extremely solid and not very sensitive to shocks. Thus, the board will be very tolerant during the learning phase, while considerably reducing the risk of injury in the event of an impact. It is the most affordable construction, in order to start without breaking the bank.

These boards have a generous volume, you are high on the water, which allows you to paddle easily. Also remember that the length of the board will also depend on the size of the waves. For surfing 30 cm, the 8′ and 9′ are unbeatable, even if these boards can surf much more. And to surf the smaller sizes, waves above waist high are needed.