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It is essential to understand the constructions offered when you buy a board.
Aesthetics and programs are important, but construction is key! And very often, it is the obstacle course to find this information in between the marketing twists and turns …

At GONG, we are committed to presenting to you in all transparency what lies beneath the final paint layer, without blah blah.

FSP 2X techno

The FSP 2X technology is easily repairable as new in the event of dings or accidents. The PVC foam of the sandwich is waterproof and prevents water from entering on everyday impacts. EPS foam blank does not deteriorate because it is really protected from water. And repairs have a much larger support to lean on and blend seamlessly with the surrounding material.

These boards are equipped with our innovative and high-end technology called FSP 2X for the best weight / strength / performance compromise on the market. It’s quite simply the ultimate in custom vacuum fiberglass techno, as standard.

The shape is cut with a numerical control (CNC) from a high-end and lightweight EPS foam blank.

We glue in vacuum on the entire board, at a pressure of several tons, a fiberglass and high density PVC foam (called Airex) which forms a hydrophobic shell of 3mm that’s super strong and rigid.

Then we apply a biaxial fiberglass which completely covers the sandwich of the board. This super strong mesh acts as a protective grid with its large strands of fiber. It boosts performance by taking over the flex tensions and reinforcing the board for increased durability. This biaxial layer is covered by a classic fiberglass for a nice finish.

These outer layers are also placed in vacuum. This modern process densifies the composite and leaves it only the exact dose of useful resin. The rest is absorbed by a blotting cloth to make your board as light as possible.

Then come the finishing coats with a first hot coat in epoxy resin, super resistant to impact. Then a polyester hot coat which will equalize the micro variations of the surface (less than a millimeter).

And finally the decoration which is as light as possible, therefore with transparency effects which reveal the construction for the greatest pleasure of the eyes. We don’t like painting because it puts on a lot of weight and it’s fragile. We prefer noble materials directly accessible under your eyes and sublimated by some stylish decorative elements.

Our technology is truly the pinnacle of board building. Durable, efficient, repairable, the brands capable of offering a total PVC sandwich in large series in SUP can be counted on the fingers of one hand and GONG is the leading one!

We were the first to mass-produce SUP boards in the world in 2006. This unique experience makes GONG the experts in the design and manufacture of the sport.

At GONG our boards are the highest quality. Our low prices may come as a surprise, but they can only be explained by our direct sales model which eliminates margins.

Finally if by bad luck you damage your board, it will be easily repairable because it was well built. We stock components for your preferred repairer and publish dozens of tutorials to help you maintain your equipment throughout its life.