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The performance gap going from your very first paddle to a Carbon Pro paddle is just phenomenal.

And for good reason ! The quality of your paddle has a direct impact on your paddling pace, the physical effort required and your glide.

What is special about our pro paddles?

These paddles allow you to develop significant and constant power thanks to a combination that is both flexible and dynamic. The blade is very fast, both at paddle acceleration; and in surfing where it glides wonderfully thanks to its convex upper surface at the tip.
When paddling, the outline is powerful at the head of the profile. The intrado is flat with a slight V and picks up little water, but the rocker of this blade is very curved at the head. The catch is excellent.

Constructed with 100% Japanese Prepreg carbon fibers, assembled with epoxy resin, these paddles offer the best level of performance to date with a featherweight and an excellent solidity. The solidity of our paddles is reinforced by an ABS field which protects them over the entire length of their perimeter exposed to shocks.

Which model to choose ?

  • The 7″ model is recommended for small riders (- 75 / 80kg), and for riders wishing to increase their paddling pace.
  • The 8″ model is our size suitable for people between 70 and 95 kg looking for the best performance.
  • The 9″ model is our size suitable for rides over 85 kg or for sprints, or standing start take offs in SUP foiling.

Why choose a custom paddle ?

A custom made paddle will be more beneficial if you are more in the water to surf and you know the size of paddle that fits you well, usually this will be very close to your own size. A fixed paddle will be lighter, its flex will be evenly distributed along the shaft.

In surfing, we will use a paddle to size or even a little more. On a large board like the NFA 12′ you can use a paddle at + 10 cm, if on the contrary you are aiming for more aggressive surfing on a Zero 9′ for example, a paddle at your size will be much more suitable. Hand changes are faster, and remember that the radius of your turns is partly determined by the length of your paddle.