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Stand Up Paddle is a wonderful sport, because everything is playful and more importantly accessible. We discover the ocean, surf all types of waves, and have a blast with friends.

A paddle and a board to discover magnificent landscapes and emotions the aquatic world has to offer. Ease of use, sensation, friends, but also performance because of how far this sport can take you, be it on a wave or when racing.

You just tried a SUP for the first time when renting a board for an hour, or trying the gear of a friend, or even just because you want to get into it. Follow our recommendations to help you pick the right gear for you.

Why choose GONG ?

GONG is a shaping workshop born in the mid 90s. At first solely dedicated to surfboards, then kitesurf, it was in 2006 that GONG was the first ever brand to believe in the Stand Up Paddle (SUP) and to produce it in series to share it with all.

We have been the first brand worldwide to offer factory produced SUP boards, making it accessible to all. We have an extensive knowledge of the sport, its history and its infinite details since we have lived its evolution, from its birth all the way to its now massive worldwide adoption. Who better to help you choose the right gear for you ? To immerse you in the spirit of the sport ? GONG, its actors, ambassadors and customers are all proud figures of a SUP culture. A culture that we could depict as happy performance, in which the search for pleasure and enjoyment in the number one motor, whatever the level.

Our product range has always been the widest because we want to appeal to every sensibilities. GONG is a surf shaper, and that DNA will always be present in our shapes, in our approach and our relation to the ocean. Noseriders, guns, shortboards, we have pioneered all these trends and have kept pushing them a little further each day.

Passion is what brought us together and created the strong community surrounding GONG. Our forum is a prime example of this. Each of us tries to help out the other, to motivate and share. This is something that can also be seen in our groups on social networks.

Naturally, and in addition to the production of exceptional rigid boards, we also offer inflatable SUP boards in order to widen even more the reach and potential of the sport by making it always more accessible to all of you. Our rigid boards are used by champions, but also have more accessible variants to discover the many facets of the sport. The inflatable range adds even more fun to this resolutely fun oriented approach.

By choosing to trust an historic brand of the sport, you will in return get your share of the authenticity that made and still makes us pioneers. You will also support an honest approach that puts you at the center of our preoccupations, an approach also dedicated to a French quality standard.

Trust our renowned expertise

Why buy a pack and not just a board?

It’s easier because we’ve made the best choice for you, and it’s cheaper!

Packs are before anything else an help guide, there is no need to select each product for each board. Accessories offered in each pack are selected to be perfectly adapted to each practice.

And as we produce it in large numbers, we give you a discount on already low prices.

Who is the SUP for?

Boards for every riders and programs !

Whatever your level, build or program, our wide SUP range has you covered. In order to pick the right board, you need to first decide what you would like to do :

  • A 100% surf program
  • Mainly surfing and some cruising
  • Some cruising and some surfing
  • Going for long cruising rides
  • Sporty cruising / training / racing on open water
  • For kids or the whole family
  • Downwind ?

Once you have decided what your program is :

  • Level 1 beginner : You never tried a SUP or have less than 10 sessions on one.
  • Level 2 intermediary : You are fairly confortable on a SUP, you know how to paddle and have good balance
  • Level 3 advanced : You are really confortable since you practice regularly and you own a SUP.

For a beginner, make width your first choice, that’s what will give you steadiness. You will be able to ride in a maximum of conditions, and you will only have to focus on your rowing gesture.

Which rigid SUP pack to choose?

Level 1 – Beginner

The wider your board is, the more lateral steadiness you will get. Thus, you will be more comfortable in waiting periods, only focused on the set that is coming up and getting ready to make your take-off.

If you just begin, we recommend you to choose a board of at least 9’ long and 30” wide (depending on your size, the width can be adapted).

The NFA and Karmen in large sizes will help you to have reassuring beginnings.

Level 2 – Intermediate

Steadiness is no longer the only priority, you now have a 3D balance, gliding and catching in the wave are key for you.

Looking for a Swiss army knife board? Choose between the Mob or the Karmen!

Long curves and hang fives give you chills? Opt for an NFA or a Zero, longSUP boards that perform well but remain accessible due to their large surface area.

Level 3 – Expert

You want a board that can handle your maneuvers? The Karmen or the Alley are made to do a series of turns or to find some barrels.

If you’re a first timer on a longSUP, step up your game and refine your glide with the Soul or the Neverstick.

How to choose the length of the board according to the use of a Stand Up Paddle?

The length will partly determine your program.

A short board will be easy to handle, ideal for tight turns and radical maneuvers. It requires hip high powerful waves.

A long board will go faster when paddling. You move faster to catch a set coming in the distance. The difference will also be made during the take off. A longer board decreases the row effect, so less time is wasted to change sides to paddle. You are more efficient, so you have less risk of missing the set. More length will bring versatility in your practice, you will be able to stroll more easily.

In SUP, the rule is pretty simple: a long board will be at least 9’ long and a short board will be from 8’ to 6’10 long.

  • Less than 9’: for 100% surfing program
  • From 9’ to 10’: surfing program/cruising option
  • From 10’ to 11’: cruising program/surfing option
  • From 11’: hikes/sports cruises
  • From 12’6: training and races, but also downwind

Which rigid Stand Up Paddle board to choose to start or to perform ?


The Alley has, without a doubt, a sharp shape from its tail to its nose. The goal is simple: to surf in the most radical way possible. You need to be fit and very experienced to ride this board.

The Alley will really express itself in waves that are powerful and hollow. In softer conditions you need to be a very dynamic surfer to make it work. If it’s small you will need to be very technical and light on your feet. The Alley is a demanding board in the smaller sizes but accessible in the bigger sizes so that everyone can experience the ultimate feeling of a shortSUP.

For those who know our surf range, the Alley SUP is the Lethal of our surfboards range ; namely for its round tail in hollow waves and top level surfers that don’t want to feel any limit in their surfing.

It has a pinched outline on tips, making it ultra maneuverable. We can reduce the rail’s length at will by turning on a smaller part of its outline. So, the Alley will be able to bring verticality to your surfing style and cut turns short, even in the hollowest pockets.

The Alley must not be oversized. Too much volume will give it an unpleasant tumble effect while a bit of water on the deck behind will settle it.

  • The 7’2 is great for pros up to 65 kg.
  • The 7’4 is great for pros up to 75 kg.
  • The 7’6 is great for pros up to 85 kg.
  • The 7’8 is chiller, great for sporty persons up to 90 kg.
  • The 8’1 is nice for persons not so sporty that search for comfort up to 90 kg.
  • The 8’6 is “easy” for persons not so sporty that search for comfort up to 100 kg.


The Karmen is perfect for ShortSUP conditions in which the wind comes into play, making balance complicated on the choppy surface. The idea is to widen the tips to gain some stability and accelerate on soft sections. The Karmen’s bullet nose brings that little extra bit of stability and its diamond square tail allows you to have some gas left in the tank.

The Karmen perfectly answers this need to be able to smash everything on a shortboard but without playing the dancer, either in the paddle or in the waiting phases. Either you are very good and you can undersize it, or you want a wiser board by choosing a comfortable volume.

The different sizes and volumes on offer grant you to have a board perfectly adjusted to your weight. If you have a beginner’s level you can also make it very easy by going for the big sizes. For a 100% surfing program or to alternate between a cruising and surfing. The Karmen will work in every condition, a good surfer can use it almost daily.

The Karmen is offered in 8 sizes and two different technologies, so whatever your level and your jig, you’ll necessarily find the one for you.

  • The 6’10 is great for pros up to 65 kg.
  • The 7’3 is great for pros up to 75 kg.
  • The 7’8 is great for the experienced ones up to 85 kg.
  • The 7’11 is great for the experienced ones up to 95 kg.
  • The 8’4 is chiller, ideal for the sporty one up to 90 kg.
  • The 8’9 is great for persons not so sporty that search for comfort up to 90 kg.
  • The 9’2 is “easy” for persons not so sporty that search for comfort up to 100 kg.
  • The 9’10 is very easy for everyone.


Often, the choice of a Mob comes after a first experience in SUP on a bigger board. It follows a desire to shorten your board to gain in maneuverability but without losing comfort because the board is wide, so we imagine it comfortable. But its program is much more than that. It shreds!!!

The secret lies in the balance of this shape, between the relaxed rocker and the surface of the tail. One of the keys to maneuverability in surfing is to have your back foot positioned above the fins. But in slow and soft waves, if you place your back foot well on the tail, there is a good chance that your board will naturally rear back, and lose speed. Basically like hitting the handbrake. This will be the case on boards with a narrow tail, unless you are an outstanding technician who is very light on your feet. So we often see surfers who have their back foot way out in front of them to maintain speed, but when it comes time to turn, it stalls! With the Mob, even if you have rocker, you can easily position your back foot just above the fins, because the Mob’s tail won’t dig in, and will ensure you always have speed.

Even if this tail offers some surface, it remains extremely thin, giving a lot of control and precision in the maneuvers.
For the most experienced, it’s very easy to wedge your foot against the kick tail, the Mob becomes a real skate. You can alternate big carves and tail drifting at the top of the wave.

The Mob picks up speed easily, knowing that, in surfing, speed is the key. Because it is this speed which allows it to make your turns and tricks. It allows you to have a very good flow even on soft waves. So with the Mob you’re easily in sync with the wave and everything becomes easy. Even if this tail offers surface, it remains fine, thus giving a lot of control and precision in the maneuvers.

Which one: Cool or Rad?

  • The Cool is perfect in soft waves. It’s more efficient in small conditions, turns more reliably, and produces speed more easily.
  • The Rad will be more interesting in hollower, faster waves or bigger waves.

It’s exactly the same parallel between a fish and a shortboard. A fish will be more efficient in soft waves, a shortboard in hollow waves. The surface of the planing hull and the surface at the tail are bigger on a fish, because its shape is made for conditions in which you need to create speed. On the other hand, the surface is less important on a shortboard, because it’s generally a board made for conditions in which you have to control your speed.

The difference in width between the two will therefore influence the stability because it can also influence your choice if you surf more often in windy or bumpy conditions for example.

The Mob is offered in 8 sizes, so whatever the level, jig, or whatever the conditions of his home spot, everyone can find what fit best for him:

  • The 7’2 of 90L is great for pros up to 70 kg.
  • The 7’2 of 100L is perfect for chill riders up to 70 kg.
  • The 7’6 of 105L is great for pros up to 80 kg.
  • The 7’6 of 120L is perfect for chill riders up to 80 kg.
  • The 7’11 of 125L is great for sporty people from 70 to 90 kg.
  • The 7’11 of 140L is very comfortable for chill riders from 70 to 90 kg.
  • The 8’3 of 145L is great for sporty people over 80 kg.


The Zero is the most radical, it is simply has the behavior of a shortboard, but with the length, the rocker and the nose of a longboard. A thin and fast tail that focuses on maneuverability. Its nose is the least buoyant of the range, but it is also what allows more radicality by having less swing, that is to say less weight at the front of the board. It is a board that likes hollow and fast waves to fully express itself. You will be able to surf it from a hip size to two man sizes and more, the only limit is you!

ZERO FSP PRO: available in 4 sizes from 8’5 to 12’.

  • The 8’5 is perfect for those looking for the maneuverability of a SUP short, combined with the glide of a longboard thanks to its taut rocker.
  • The 9’0 is the reference, versatile and without limits, a best-seller !
  • The 10’0 for all those who want an ultra early entry into the wave.
  • Tthe 12’0 for lovers of big boards, all in glide and curves, and of course an indecent rowing speed !


The NFA is the most versatile. Both in the tricks because it has a tail that planes fast that allows you to crush a roller, maintain speed or even accelerate from the tail. It is an excellent board for learning Stand Up Paddle, but it is also and above all a board with infinite possibilities. From your very first take off, to the most technical moves like 360°s.

NFA FSP2X: available in 5 sizes. (8’0, 9’0, 9’0XL, 10’0 et 10’0XL)
NFA FSP PRO: available in 8 sizes. (8’0, 9’0XS, 9’0, 9’0XL, 10’0XS, 10’0, 10’0XL and 12’0)

  • The XS models are perfect for light builds and confirmed levels.
  • The classic models are among GONG’s best sellers.
  • The XL models have been created to facilitate the transition from an inflatable model to a rigid board, or for large riders looking for comfort.

A high-performance board that facilitates access to SUP in all conditions, whatever your level, your size, you will inevitably find an NFA that speaks to you.

  • The 8’0 is perfect for the super advanced rider who only wants one board, a compact model, to ride small to medium waves. The glide of a longboard, the maneuverability and size of a shortboard.
  • The 9’0 XS is aimed at lighter riders and a heavier skilled SUP rider.
  • The 9’0 is the reference size, very versatile, a real longboard character.
  • The 9’0 XL is both stable and very manoeuvrable, perfect for taller riders, or riders looking for stability.
  • The 10’0 XS allows you to have the advantages of 10’0, while being fast and incisive.
  • The 10’0 is perfect for surfing knee to shoulder size waves. Easy and early take off, excellent nose hold. An ideal size to mix surfing and riding.
  • The 10′0 XL is ultra stable and reassuring, but retains its modern longboard program.
  • The NFA 12’ for lovers of big boards, all in glide and curves, anode course an indecent rowing speed.

A hight performance board that facilitates access to SUP in all conditions, whatever your level, your size, you will inevitably find an NFA that speaks to you.

Soul 9’4

The Soul 9’4 has the same type of tail as the Never Stick but a narrower nose which gives less lift but a more manageable ride at higher speeds or in deeper sections. It’s one of those boards where the nose hold is both easy and flawless even in low power waves. You can stay at the nose for a long time without having to go backwards. And once at the nose, it accelerates. You don’t need to be a longboarder to enjoy this shape, simply being a fan of riding is enough to enjoy it.

Never Stick 9’8

The Never Stick 9’8 has a wide, very buoyant nose. Even at very low speeds or in the foam it maintains glide. It also has a very wide tail whose purpose is identical to that of a spoiler at the rear of a racing car: to press the tail downwards. When you are in the nose, this tail pulls the back of the board down and therefore lifts the nose higher. This allows you to stay on top of the wave and hold the nose for as long as possible. It excels in small, long waves that are perfect for its shape.

Which technology choose for my rigid Stand Up Paddle?

We currently offer two technologies for our rigid SUP boards, FSP 2X and FSP Pro. The advantage of these two technologies is to offer a hull in full PVC sandwich. This extremely rigid, hydrophobic and solid shell surrounds the entire surface of the board.


These boards are equipped with innovative technology for the best weight / solidity / performance compromise on the market.The addition of a biaxial fiberglass in addition to the PVC, greatly strengthens the board. It is by designing a new finishing technique, as close as possible to our prototypes made in our French factory that we have succeeded in saving weight. We work with tinted resins to avoid as much as possible the paint which loads the board unnecessarily. Dyed in the mass, your board gains in nobility and durability.

An affordable techno, even for beginners.


Developed in our French workshop, the FSP Pro techno is just as solid as the FSP 2X techno. The addition of carbon allows this technology to save weight and dynamism. Perfect for advanced surfers looking for the best performance without compromise.

This technology offers an unmatchable strength/lightness ratio of a full sandwich PVC vacuum board with the top-notch advantages of carbon. A must-have techno for SUP veteran riders that want to have fun!

What you get in our packs ?

In each pack, in addition to the board, you will get the following accessories :

  • A board bag adapted to the board.
  • A set of fins.
  • A high performance carbon paddle.
  • A leash.

Which SUP paddle to choose?

With our packs, we offer fixed paddles that allow you to adjust the size to the last penny according to your program and your size. They are lighter than the adjustable 3 parts paddles. They offer a consistent flex thanks to the cohesion of their sticks.

Three different paddles are offered in our rigid SUP packs:

Carbon Mix 30% Paddle

Made of composite materials, this paddle is made of 30% carbon fiber and 70% fiberglass. It offers comfort and efficiency at an ultra competitive price. This paddle is for beginners and intermediate SUP riders looking for more comfort, efficiency and lightness.

Available in packs with:

  • FSP 2X: Karmen, Mob, NFA

Carbon Mix 100% Paddle

Made of composite materials, this paddle is 100% carbon fiber. It meets the needs of SUP riders in development who want an efficient, light, well made and affordable for everyone.

Available in packs with:

  • FSP 2X: Karmen, Mob, NFA
  • FSP Pro: Alley, Karmen, Mob, Zero, NFA, Soul, Neverstick

Carbon Pro Paddle

Made of 100% of Japanese Prepreg carbon fiber, assembled with epoxy resin, this paddle offers the best performance level to date. It works as well in surfing as in racing thanks to its dynamic qualities, its versatile shape and its record weight. It’s aimed at experienced and expert SUP riders who are looking for performance and efficiency.

Which model to choose?

  • The 7’ version is recommended for smaller riders (under 75/80 kg) and for riders willing to increase their row pace.
  • The 8’ version is adjusted to riders between 70 and 95 kg looking for better performances.
  • The 9″ model is our size suitable for rides over 85 kg or for sprints, or standing start take offs in SUP foiling.

Available in packs with:

  • FSP Pro: Alley, Karmen, Mob, Zero, NFA, Soul, Neverstick

How to choose your paddle size?

Your way of rowing, your posture, your row rhythm… All these factors depend on your program. You will need to adjust your paddle high enough for a long cruise of several hours. However, you will choose to have a smaller paddle if you’re into surfing. Because you’ll need a lot of frequency to take off on a wave.

Take the time to adjust your paddle. This is a key factor of this activity and it will be largely responsible for your stability and your performances.

The SUP’s size as landmark

If you use a shortboard (around 7’), you can also reduce the size of your paddle (-5 to -10 cm). It will help you to row more efficiently and to gain some steadiness. But be careful, with a small paddle, your lower back will be used a lot.

On the contrary, if you aim for a more aggressive way of surfing, as on a Zero 9’, a paddle of your size will be more adjusted.

Finally, on a longer rigid SUP as the NFA 12’, you can use a paddle a bit taller than you (+ 10 cm). Hand switches are faster, and don’t forget that the curve radius of your turns is also decided by the length of your paddle.

The maximum length of our paddles is 220 cm, but you have two possibilities for cutting:

  • The paddle is not sticked. To be cut and glued by yourself to fit exactly to the size you want. We recommend that you use two-component epoxy glue (not supplied) to stick the handle.
  • Cutted and glued by us to your chosen size (for a 20€ supplement).

Why equip your paddle with a bag ?

To buy a good paddle is a good thing. To protect it with a bag is even better. Well-reinforced with thick foam, equipped with a heavy-duty canvas, a bag is the life insurance of your paddle on the ground.

As with every protective bag, you must maintain it with care, especially the zips. Dirty from sand, oxidised by salt and humidity, the zips are the main cause of the end of life of your board’s precious protection. To extend their use to the maximum, make sure to put in a maintenance product like Zip Care regularly. It will remove dirt, impurities and other leftovers that can damage your zips over time.

Why waxing your SUP?

All our rigid SUP boards are covered with pads from the kick tail to the deck pad. Only the front part is “naked”. You will necessarily want to go on the nose, especially with a longSUP. So remember to wax the nose of your board, from the end of the deck pad to the end of the nose!

Why don’t we put a pad in this area?

Heel bumps are extremely rare, so protecting the nose with a pad that soaks the water up would only make it heavier. And the style will be less “professional”.

How to wax your SUP?

First affix a base coat layer (also called tropical) which is a hard wax that doesn’t melt on the sun. It’s important because the nose is often exposed to the sunlight when you’re waiting at the line-up. It’s also key to shape a grid pattern to be sure that there is no slippery zone.

Then, cover the first layer with a wax dedicated to the water temperature of your current spot. This will give you the grip you need. Half a wax bar is needed for the first application. Then apply a quarter of the bar before each session.

How to choose your leash well?

Leashes offered in our rigid packs are top-notch leashes that we use daily whether on a surfboard, on a SUP, or on a foil. Their length is made to suit the board’s size. The leash and the board must have the same length. For instance, on a NFA FSP 2X 9’0, we advise you to pick a 9’0 leash that will bring the good compromise between performance and safety.

We advise you to use only straight leashes for the rigid SUP boards because they are saved for surfing. Their diameter can vary to suit the size of the board and of the waves.

We will then use a thinner and shorter leash in small waves to generate less friction. Be careful, thinner also means more fragile. As soon as conditions get bigger, it can break without warning. Your choice should therefore be made according to the conditions you are used to riding in.

How to fix your leash?

The leash is at once the lifebelt of the SUP ride and at the same time the insurance to keep its gear near to them. Fixing it well to the board is key. Here is a pedagogical tutorial to know how to fix well your leash:

  • First, check the knot in the leash cord and tighten it perfectly. This knot is your lifebelt! Then, thread the loop of the cord through the leash plug, so that there are two equal loops on each side of the metal bar. Be careful, the lark’s head on the leash plus is not a good alternative to this technique because it extends the cord too much and risks damaging the rail of your board.
  • Pass your rail saver leash strap through the two loops formed by the cord.
  • Close your rail saver velcro up properly. It’s in the strap’s fold that the two tips of the cord must pass. As the name suggests, the rail saver is a portion of the strap that must be the only one to press on the tail of your board.

Then, tie the other part of the leash up on your body. Ensure that the leash is comfortable and reassuring by tightening it at your knee or at your ankle, depending on the type of leash you choose. Don’t forget to point the rope towards your back, this will prevent you from getting it in your feet and missing waves ?

After many uses, watch out for the wear and tear of your leash. If the velcro pills, it means that you need to change it!

How to choose your fins?

As for surfing, the choice of the fins has a big impact on your style and your performance. So, it’s key to find some landmarks to know which one is right for you.

There are only a few rules and they are not completely reliable. We will then give you the outline of these rules. But each one has their exceptions and it’s by putting these outlines together that you will manage to make the right adjustments.

Discover the fins you need here!

How to maintain your SUP board?

The secret of your gear life expectancy? Its maintenance. This board will still be in your quiver for 20 years if you take care of it! As show the pictures of our clients that surf with boards that disappeared from our catalogue a while ago!

Protect the board from paddle strokes

Pads and wax naturally protect your SUP’s deck from paddle strokes. On the other hand, the rails are a prime target for paddle related abuses inside the water but also outside on rocks or in the parking.

That’s why we advise you to put rail savers on your board. They are auto adhesive strips that will protect rails of your board from your paddle and to increase its lifespan, however without decreasing its ability to glide. These strips will cushion paddle strokes on your SUP and then keep your board in a better state longer! They will save you from your aquatic misfortunes.

Before fixing your rail savers, remember to clean the rails with alcohol or Coleman fuel.

  • The small item is for boards up to 8’5. Sold by couple, dimensions: 161 x 05 cm.
  • The large item is for boards longer than 8’5 and race SUP boards. Sold by couple, dimensions: 191 x 06 cm.

How to transport your rigid SUP 

Put your board on a board bag

We mainly damage our board on the land, when we carry or store it. That’s why it’s key to put a protective board bag on your rigid SUP board.

There are board bags for every kind of board, from a shortSUP to a race SUP. The main concern is to choose an item that will fit with your board. Because a too large board bag will be less efficient against everydays bumps and will be loose on your car’s roof.

How to carry your rigid SUP board?

If the boot of your car isn’t big enough to store your rigid SUP board, don’t worry. You can carry it on its roof! Then, select stylish and effective foam roof rack protectors. They have reinforced fabric in a similar quality to our GONG board bags which are 15 mm thick.

It couldn’t be easier to set them: these roof rack protectors are equipped with an easy to put on and take off velcro system.
To ensure that your board doesn’t end up in the middle of the road, don’t forget to put straps on your car. Some like Kanulock’s ones even get a locking system to let you gear on the roof of your car without freaking out.

Carrying your gear from the car park to the spot is sometimes exhausting. Our trolleys offer you the needed comfort! These small trolleys can cross large dunes or be attached to a bike. One thing is certain, with a trolley, you’ll still have some gas left in the tank to row to the peak.

To have some repair gear if need be

To plug a water intake, having a repair kit to hand will avoid you having to wait several days before going back to the water. After you sanded the hitch, put the repair kit on the wound, then let it dry in sunlight (UV rays are key for it to work!). Sand it again when everything is dry to keep a smooth surface of your board. It’s a quick and efficient intervention to go back in the water quickly.

What rules to observe in SUP?

To make life easier for everyone, we’ve brought together a list of information about the safety and the behaviour to have in the water. Coexist with other SUP riders on a spot isn’t always easy, but it’s necessary to enjoy your sessions.

Here is some news that sums up some gliding rules, some priorities to keep in mind and to respect, and some tips on how to make each session a joyful and respectful one.

In a nutshell, priority is given to the better placed surfer in relation to the wave. So, usually, it’s the one the most at the inside (the closest to the initial breaking point of the wave). Thus, the one coming back to the lineup doesn’t have the priority and must move aside of the surfer trajectory. Same story for the one waiting at the lineup. So, the surfer who started closest to the setting up of the foam has priority over the whole wave.

Rules in surfing are based on two principles:

  • Do not endanger others.
  • Do not “waste” waves: dropping someone who has been riding the wave since the beginning will inevitably waste the end-to-end exploitation they could have made of it. It’s not about technical prowess on the wave, it’s about making the most of what nature has to offer. The counterexample is two surfers getting in each other’s way and falling right at the beginning of the wave, leaving it to run away on its own ?

A good atmosphere is obviously related to sharing, respect for everyone’s safety, and to a kind and discreet communication. We’re in a natural environment that calls for admiration: moving about, moving the water around and talking loudly will ruin the peacefulness of the moment. But if you are alone, loosen up ?

How to complete my quiver?

The time you spend on the water with a particular gear will supplement your knowledge of other sports. Nothing replaces experience, time at sea, the variety of conditions, to be facing elements.

In addition to your SUP board, why not look at other ways to spend more time on the water. Wing foiling or kitesurfing to have a blast during windy days? A surf foiling board to discover new feelings? A surfboard to understand the waves and the ocean even better?

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