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Stand Up Paddle is a wonderful sport, because everything is playful and more importantly accessible. We discover the ocean, surf all types of waves, and have a blast with friends.

A paddle and a board to discover magnificent landscapes and emotions the aquatic world has to offer. Ease of use, sensation, friends, but also performance because of how far this sport can take you, be it on a wave or when racing.

You just tried a SUP for the first time when renting a board for an hour, or trying the gear of a friend, or even just because you want to get into it. Follow our recommendations to help you pick the right gear for you.

Why choose GONG ?

GONG is a shaping workshop born in the mid 90s. At first solely dedicated to surfboards, then kitesurf, it was in 2006 that GONG was the first ever brand to believe in the Stand Up Paddle (SUP).

We have been the first brand worldwide to offer factory produced SUP boards, making it accessible to all. We have an extensive knowledge of the sport, its history and its infinite details since we have lived its evolution, from its birth all the way to its now massive worldwide adoption. Who better to help you choose the right gear for you ? To immerse you in the spirit of the sport ? GONG, its actors, ambassadors and customers are all proud figures of a SUP culture. A culture that we could depict as happy performance, in which the search for pleasure and enjoyment in the number one motor, whatever the level.

Our product range has always been the widest because we want to appeal to every sensibilities. GONG is a surf shaper, and that DNA will always be present in our shapes, in our approach and our relation to the ocean. Noseriders, guns, shortboards, we have pioneered all these trends and have kept pushing them a little further each day.

Passion is what brought us together and created the strong community surrounding GONG. Our forum is a prime example of this. Each of us tries to help out the other, to motivate and share. This is something that can also be seen in our groups on social networks.

Naturally, and in addition to the production of exceptional rigid boards, we also offer inflatable SUP boards in order to widen even more the reach and potential of the sport by making it always more accessible to all of you. Our rigid boards are used by champions, but also have more accessible variants to discover the many facets of the sport. The inflatable range adds even more fun to this resolutely fun oriented approach.

By choosing to trust an historic brand of the sport, you will in return get your share of the authenticity that made and still makes us pioneers. You will also support an honest approach that puts you at the center of our preoccupations, an approach also dedicated to a French quality standard.

Trust our renowned expertise

For whom ?

Boards for every riders and programs !

Whatever your level, build or program, our wide SUP range has you covered. In order to pick the right board, you need to first decide what you would like to do :

  • A 100% surf program
  • Mainly surfing and some cruising
  • Some cruising and some surfing
  • Going for long cruising rides
  • Sporty cruising / training / racing on open water
  • For kids or the whole family

Once you have decided what your program is :

  • Level 1 beginner : You never tried a SUP or have less than 10 sessions on one.
  • Level 2 intermediary : You are fairly confortable on a SUP, you know how to paddle and have good balance
  • Level 3 advanced : You are really confortable since you practice regularly and you own a SUP.

For a beginner, favor a generous width. It is what will bring you stability. That way you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of conditions without having to worry about your balance, and focus on your paddling.

Volume is only one part of the equation when it comes to the stability of a board. A Couine Marie Race 14’x26’’ has a volume of 325 liters, but it will be less stable than a Couine Marie Allround 10’9’x33’’ which has a volume of 215 liters.

The passenger question

This is a frequently asked question : « Can I take my kid / dog / mother-in-law … (not all of those are good ideas for different reasons) with me for a ride on my Stand Up Paddle ? »

If you wish to take a passenger with you for a ride, aim for a board with a generous width. Once again, weight and volume are not the only defining factors at play in this case, width is. Once you are on the water, the lack or loss of balance from one of you will greatly impact the other who will try to recover or compensate, which will make the first one struggle even more and so on until everyone is safely floating around the board. To avoid this, do not hesitate to be conservative when picking your board, you will thank you later.

How to choose the board length according to the use of a Stand Up Paddle ?

Length will partly define your program. A short board will be more maneuverable and will be great for surfing. If on the other hand you only wanted to cruise, a board that is longer than 11’ will be ideal. Width being equal, a longer board will be faster and be more efficient when paddling.

One more thing to take into account is the time it takes to inflate your board : a shorter board will take much less time to inflate.

In a nutshell :

  • Less than 9’ : 100% surfing
  • From 9’ to 10’ : Mainly surfing with the ability to go for cruises from time to time.
  • From 10’ to 11 : Mainly cruising with the ability to take smaller waves from time to time.
  • 11’ and up : Long range cruising / training
  • 12’6 and up : Training and racing, but also downwind riding.

What you get in our packs ?

In each pack, in addition to the board, you will get the following accessories :

  • A transport bag.
  • A double action pump.
  • A tool-less fin.
  • A tightening strap.
  • A repair kit
  • A paddle.
  • A leash.
  • An instructions manual.

Basically everything you might need, except for the swimsuit (recommended) and sunglasses (mandatory) unless it is the other way around ?

Differences and which construction to choose ?

The First range is our budget friendly range of inflatable boards, but do not be fooled by the name, the only cheap thing about them is their price. The construction truly is amazing at this price point, miles ahead of what you could find at your local supermarket.

First boards are perfect do discover the SUP and for recreational use but they can do much more thanks to their refined and well performing shapes. The Couine Marie range will be ideal to those who want to go further in their practice of SUP, or just want the best the industry has to offer.

The technology and materials used when manufacturing both First and Couine Marie boards are different, but the materials used on First boards are still very high quality.

First boards are assembled with one layer on the deck and hull, and two layers on the rails which offers excellent rigidity.

Couine Marie boards have a double thermo welded layer on the deck, hull and rails. It makes them even more rigid while still being very light.

The dropstitch used inside Couine Marie board is a Woven Dropstitch : it is the best assembly technique of the inflatable world, for best in class performance, rigidity and lightness.

What are the differences between First and Couine Marie ?

  • The shape : Couine Marie boards are declined in shapes tailored to every program (Surfing, cruising, racing) while First boards have a more all round shape (cruising, taking your first waves), a jack of all trade board of sorts.
  • Accessories : On First boards, we removed some of the accessories such as the handles at the front and back. Couine Marie boards are equipped with multiple handles to facilitate manipulations, be in on water or land and also more reassuring for kids who can grab onto them when accompanying you on a cruise. They are also equipped with a more confortable cargo net. Specific accessories also equip some of the boards, like semi-rigid rails at the tail for surfing or racing boards to allow for a better water flow at the back of the board, and increased control when surfing. Side FCS II fin boxes are also installed on our surfing models, which is a worldwide exclusivity. The placement of each fins will vary depending on the program.
  • The carrying bag of the First boards is practical and durable, while the bag of Couine Marie board is more feature-rich and premium. For example, the Couine Marie bag is padded and has wheels to facilitate transportation. It also has a large front pocket to accommodate many accessories such as fins.
  • The paddle : First packs come with an aluminum paddle that works great, while Couine Marie packs come with a carbon/glass fiber paddle which is lighter, performs better and most importantly, that you will keep longer before you feel the need for a more advanced paddle.

In a nutshell :

Which Stand Up Paddle board to choose to start or to perform ?

The First pack

The First pack

First pack are perfect to discover the SUP, cruise around and take your first waves.

We offer 4 sizes to fit all riders :

  • The First 8’ pack is reserved to kids or riders who weigh under 45 Kg.
  • The First 9’ pack is aimed at lighter riders ( up to 75/80 Kg).
  • The First 10’ pack is aimed at medium weight riders (70 / 90 Kg).
  • The First 11’ pack is the family board for heavier riders and to be able to easily take a child along for a ride.

The First Cruising pack 

You want to get your very first SUP and you already know that cruising is what you will mainly be doing. Even if you are a total beginner, its width will offer great stability under all circumstances.

  • The First 11’6 Cruising pack : Ideal for light/medium weight riders up to 85 Kg.
  • The First 12’6 Cruising pack : Easy and accessible for everyone.

The Couine Marie pack

Couine Marie Longboard Pack: Your goal is mainly to go surfing, with some cruising form time to time. For surfing you will love the EVA pad covering the whole deck, comfy nose-rides incoming 😉

3 available sizes for all level :

  • Couine Marie Longboard 9’ : ideal for lighter riders up to 75 Kg.
    Couine Marie Longboard 10’ : ideal for light/medium weight riders up to 85 Kg.
    Couine Marie Longboard 11’ : ideal for heavier riders up to 100kg and more.

Couine Marie Allround Pack: Your main goal remains cruising, but also having fun surfing. Maximum versatility !!!

3 available sizes for all level :

  • Couine Marie Allround 10’6 : ideal for lighter riders up to 75 Kg.
  • Couine Marie Allround 10’9 : ideal for medium weight riders up to 85 Kg.
  • Couine Marie Allround 10’11 : Ideal for heavier riders up to 100kg and more.

Couine Marie Cruising Pack: Your goal is to go for chill strolls or hikes / medium distance touring. You’ll have plenty of cruising speed and great stability.

3 available sizes for all level :

  • Couine Marie Cruising 11’6 : Ideal for light / medium riders up to 85 Kg.
  • Couine Marie Cruising 12’6 : Ideal for medium / heavy weight riders up to 100 Kg and more.
  • Couine Marie Cruising 13’6 : Ideal for medium / heavy weight riders up to 100 Kg and more.

Which paddle ?

The included paddle in the FIRST packs is a top of the line aluminum adjustable paddle, which can be split into three parts for storage and transport which will spare the rails of the board.

It fits in the bag of your board and the size can be adjusted in 2cm increments with a clip. It is also equipped with an ABS layer on the rails of the blade.
This paddle is the best price/performance balance.
Weight: 1,1 Kg

For the Couine Marie inflatable SUPs, the recommended paddle is either a 30% Mix Carbon paddle.

Either an ajustable three part paddle for both cruising and surfing, or because you want your paddle to fit in your Couine Marie bag.

Or a fixed length paddle because you already have some experience and already know your program. A fixed length Carbon pro paddle will be perfect when paired with a Couine Marie Race or for surfing.
Weight: 730gr.

Which length for your paddle?

The way you paddle, your stance and the frequency at which you paddle will depend on your program. You will need a longer paddle for touring for multiple hours, while you would need a shorter paddle for surfing in order to facilitate quick and strong paddle strokes to catch a wave. Take your time to pick the right length/setting for your paddle, because it will help give you the stability and performance you will need.

Which leash ?

The included leashes in our First packs are high quality leashes that we use daily with our surf, SUP and surf foil / SUP foil.
The length depends on the size of the board. We offer two types of leashes that are suited for multiple programs :

  • A straight, surf type leash for First and Couine Marie shortSUP, Longboard and Allround. It is the perfect leash if you are planning to surf.
  • A coiled leash for First Cruising , Couine Marie Cruising and Couine Marie Race. Ideal if you are not planning to surf.

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