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More than a sport, Surfing is a way of life, a state of mind and a quest that gave birth to all the other disciplines that we love.
Find below all the boards of our partner brand JVB Surfboard to best live this enriching passion.

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Created by Jean-Valère Bordenave in Corsica, JVB boards are handcrafted. The Corse shaper offers quality boards to make your sessions even more beautiful.

A beautiful phrase from Jean Valère is “the level in surfing is above all a geographical problem”. Understand that being born in a good spot is a big part of expressing your natural talent. Based on this observation, he has developed specific shapes that are both able to meet the requirements of small Mediterranean surfing, and what fewer people know: the brutality of the Corsican waves. Shallow water, a very short period, a sometimes surprising size in which few would go… this is the other garden of expression of Jean Valère who carries Corsican surfing high. You only have to see him at G-land, cruising in triple overhead waves, to understand that his vision of surfing is total.

His boards are ideal for soft waves with The Bo but also for deeper waves with his more aggressive templates. Perfect as everyday boards, bring the Corsican glide into your quiver, you will be amazed.