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In 1974, John Malloy landed in Yallingup, Australia, with nothing more than a surfboard and a backpack. He discovers on these spots, facing South Africa and Antarctica, that the rough waves of the Indian Ocean are an ideal testing ground to create the most robust equipment.
An environment that would guide the creation of surfing equipment at Creatures of Leisure for decades. A brand that puts function and durability before communication and marketing for products you can trust in all conditions.

Their innovative strength was first concentrated on leashes with a lot of work on the urethane leg ropes which are the strongest to date. Then on the swivel of the leashes whose rotation they facilitated thanks to the use of a well thought-out Teflon piece, thus avoiding having to constantly have loops in the rope and tripping over them. Their know-how was then applied to pads and luggage to become a high-end and complete brand that sponsors legendary surfers as well as incredible young guns.

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