Waveriding Wing foil


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To date, there are no boundaries in the world of the wing. But soon we will see the preferences of each profile spreading within the wing world.

We have known for decades that there are clear forms of practice, first popularized in windsurfing, then in witesurfing. There’s no doubt that we will find them in wing.

Which wing disciplines?

First the beginner who wants to progress, the Allround rider. He needs simplicity above all. But he wants beautiful gear, of quality and developed for his progression. He doesn’t want to look like a beginner with bad equipment and he’s right. He needs a clever, well thought-out set that simplifies his life without being simplistic & cheap.

Then the Freerace rider, because cranking out speed with the boys is always enjoyable. And not everyone has a fabulous wave riding spot in front of their house, nor does everyone want to be ripped apart in the waves. So, challenging ourselves and each amongst friends remains a major pleasure of our sports.

When the wind is limited, not very clean, we get frustrated ! Watching chumps out there playing while we are stuck on shore is surely one of the most frustrating experiences. So, we equip ourselves in LightWind, so we don’t miss out on a single session. It is often the addiction for equipment lovers because this tendency leads quickly to an arms race.

And we know that some of you have twisted ideas, rebellion in your blood, a desire to search and destroy everything ahahah ? Well these riders like Freestyle. What’s better than tearing it up on the flat? More seriously, these people basically want to reproduce, on the flat, some wave riding moves. And quickly gets out of hand then it ends up in a tail spin, if can get complicated and very elitist, but there’s a real freestyle subdivision.

Finally comes the Holy Grail: Waveriding. Original essence of our passions, riding the waves is in us. So yes, it’s the ultimate, the aspiration and objective, and a lot of you devote yourselves to it without limits, celebrating the ocean more than the wind, exploiting the wave more than the gust. And it’s beautiful.

What styles of wing?

Do you all have a style in mind that speaks to you, several perhaps?

At GONG we have developed specific answers for each style so that everyone can find not only performance, but also what most resembles them or what they want to identify with.

You want to surf with a Droïd because you like its style, its compactness, its voltage? Nothing prevents you from doing so, on the contrary.

You are a beginner and you like the look of the Neutra? Go for it! It will be less perfect than a Plus but the important thing is that you like it.